Kat Von D- Shade & Light Contour Palette Review

Sunday, 8 March 2015

I have been itching to get back into makeup related posts (so apologies in advance, this will be a rambly one), this palette was first on a long list of items that I have been loving this past while. Well, I guess I just gave it away didn't I? I am completely in LOVE with this palette. It has seriously stolen my heart and secured a permanent spot on my everyday makeup organizer (which, let me tell you, there is quite the line up for).

There has been a contour craze lately, not only makeup junkies like myself are totally loving this trend, but it has leaked into more of the mainstream "everyday woman" as well. Everyone wants that chiseled, defined face shape, and makeup companies are definitely responding by coming out with contouring products, from powders to creams. Personally, I prefer to work with powder contour products, I think it is a much simpler and quicker process, and it tends to have more longevity than cream products which can smudge and transfer throughout the day. 

It was really important for me to find a palette that was pretty user friendly, something that blended out beautifully so I don't have to sit there and buff the product on for half an hour to get it to blend in, and I wanted something that looked natural. Don't get me wrong, I love a good contour, and for a night out, in very dim lighting you can definitely rock a strong contour; but for the everyday woman I prefer something that doesn't put down a ton of pigment and looks soft. After playing with this palette, I can tell you that you get exactly that, very build-able pigment that you can wear day and night and achieve your desired look. Okay okay enough blabbering, lets check out the palette. 

Lets talk packaging. This palette is sturdy, sleek, not to mention gorgeously edgy (as you would only expect from Kat). It has a huge mirror inside, and 6 shades (3 contour and 3 highlight). The only downside is that the shades cannot be replaced. I tend to favour a couple of shades more than the others, and you can't replace them individually. Otherwise, the packaging is on point! 

You have 3 contour shades:
Sombre: a cool ashy toned light brown, beautiful to contour the hollows of the cheeks with, it will give you the true effect of a more slimmed, defined face
Shadowplay: a warm toned light brown, perfect for an all over bronze of the face to add warmth and colour
Subconscious: a deep cool toned brown, anyone with a medium to dark skin tone could use this for contouring, or if you want a stronger contour 
All of these shades are matte, they blend beautifully, and they can be used separately on the face or together. Personally I love to warm up my face with shadowplay and then contour with sombre for an overall blended dimensional effect. I love that these powders go on more sheer, and they can be built up for a more dramatic effect. Even the darkest shade, subconcious, comes off lighter when applied sheerly and deepens up the more you layer it on. 

You also get 3 highlight shades:
Lucid: A pinky cream shade
Lyric: A yellow toned shade
Levitation: A peachy shade
All 3 of these shades are matte, but what is so magical about these powders is that they still have a beautiful glow to them, they do not make the face look flat (as some matte powders can). If you have any texture on your face and glittery highlighters are not flattering on you, or you simply like a more natural effect, these are for you! I love lyric for setting my under eye concealer, and lucid for highlighting the high points of my face.

As if that wasn't enough, this palette also doubles up as an everyday eyeshadow palette. I apply one of the highlight shades all over the lid, inner corner and the browbone, and then a contour shade in the crease for total face definition, skip all that eyeshadow and still make your eyes look bright, big and defined- yes please! 

Enjoy looking fab with this palette!