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Thursday, 11 September 2014

MUG Vegas Palette Swatches

Last weekend was my birthday (I suppose I should go and change my profile to say "24" now shouldn't I) and of course, as a beauty junkie and blogger, I received some incredible makeup and beauty items from my family and friends. I could not WAIT to get this one up for you guys so I fought myself from taking swatches and playing with these until I could take some photos (it has been quite gloomy here this week, with no natural light to be found!).

First of all, I could not believe I got this from my sister, there was a waiting list for these products (isn't that crazy?), this entire package (1 palette with 6 shadows and 5 pigments) costs around 70 bucks USD (plus shipping)- thank you to the best sister ever for getting me this entire collection! I was just drooling over it when it came and I still am!

I am a HUGE fan of makeup geek, their eyeshadows are incredible and I pretty much have every single one of their pans, plus 3 pigments. Let me tell you, I was even MORE impressed with these goodies, this brand is just getting better and better.

First lets start off with the palette, 6 incredible buttery, creamy, pigmented shades that are stunning. I love the shade selection on these, the pretty light gold, shimmery coppery orange, and the plummy red shade on top, and a beautiful matte cream shade, a matte mustardy brown, and a shimmery dark brown with gold specks. This palette is pretty much perfection in my eyes. The quality of these is just out of control. The packaging is super sleek, they really don't waste any room in this palette, the shadows are large and the palette is small which I really like, and you get a pretty decent sized mirror. The gold and white is really pretty, and of course I love the pink boxes that they come in.

Now on to the pigments, they are all really creamy, finely milled, pigmented and shimmery. One down side to the makeup geek pigments for me is always the packaging. Why must they be so messy, the shape of these containers is really wide which causes a lot of fallout in the outter rim and whenever you open up the containers you can almost guarantee some spillage. I wish they would make them taller and thinner like MAC pigments. They do sell sifters now but you have to use about half of the pigment to be able to fit them in the container. Other than that, these shades are beautiful and the quality in my mind is even better than MAC. They are softer and smoother and more pigmented. I love the range of shades in this collection, and I have been dying to try the shade nightlife for a long long time! I love the range from bronze, to copper to gold (how vegas appropriate!).

This entire collection is just so extravagant and luxurious, just a perfect 10 in my books. I cannot wait to wear all of these shades (I have already played around with a bunch). This is one of the reasons I am so in love with Makeup Geek, really incredible quality products! I truly recommend this entire collection. Since I know my sister will be reading this- thank you thank you thank you! What a gorgeous gift <3 mwah="" p="">



  1. Love the look of Sin City and Roulette shadows! Sooo pretty!
    xprincessjas | x

  2. Wow they're so pigmented and gorgeous! Vegas Lights instantly caught my eye! xx

  3. So glad these were a hit! I can't wait to see the looks you put together with them:)! Love you and happy birthday!! I have to say, I snuck in 2 shades you recommended to me for my z palate when I got this (beaches and cream and shimmy shimma), and as always you were right- I needed them!!!!


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