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Monday, 18 August 2014

If you are as big of a beauty junkie as I am, you probably know that Sephora had their 3x the points recently (I can't remember if the points depend on what status you have). And if you know me at all, you know that I used that as a giant excuse to pick up a few new items from Sephora. I already had some little numbers lined up that I was dying to try so I grabbed those from the comfort of my bedroom from and they arrived at my doorstep today! So here they are for you:

NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow| Dione
Unless you've been living under a rock you have heard about the new NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadows. These shadows are super metallic and intense, and can be used wet or dry. The packaging for these is fantastic, they come in square black cases that have a magnetic closure, and a very good size mirror! I chose the shade Dione which was described online as a metallic shimmering champagne beige, I actually found that it has silver tones in it as well. It is a gorgeous all over lid shade, used dry it gives a beautiful glow to the lid, but if you spritz it with some setting spray or fix+ it gives an intensely metallic silvery champagne colour that looks almost like a liquid or cream product. It is so smooth, so creamy, and also is supposed to be creaseless (though I have pretty dry lids and don't experience much creasing anyway). The swatch is dry with no primer (look at that colour pigmentation- yes!). I would love to try Desdemona and Lysithea (those names are a mouthful). 

Becca Mineral Blush| Songbird
I already knew that I loved this line of blushes, Flowerchild has been my baby all summer- my everyday, go-to most used blush. I love everything about the formula of these blushes, I think they are the best blushes I have ever used! They are so creamy, blendable, pigmented, and my favourite thing about them is the warm glow they give to the cheeks without any shimmer whatsoever. They are simply stunning, I knew I had to grow my collection. I wanted to try the shade Wild Honey but it has been sold out online for AGES and they don't carry Becca at my local Sephora, so I decided to go with Songbird (I mean really- all of the shades are stunning, you can't go wrong). I am actually really happy I chose this shade, it is so different from anything I own. Online it describes this as a peachy pink, honestly this shade is so much more complex than that, it has a bronze in it with some reddish undertones. It is so perfect for the fall season! It is just a great transition into fall, I will be wearing this nonstop, plus is is just as creamy and pigmented as the other shade I have. I am still dying to try Wild Honey and Damselfly! They are next on my list...

Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner Pen| Jetblack
I feel like I am always searching for the perfect pen liner, what I truly want is something that is completely matte (I am not a fan of shiny/glossy liners), completely black and opaque, and lasts all day long. This liner is said to be waterproof, I will have to report back on that as I have only been wearing it for a couple of hours right now. But it is completely opaque and black, though it does have that glossy shine to it (damn!). What I love most about it is the felt tip, it is the most perfect felt tip I have ever used in terms of the shape, and the flexibility. It is stiff but not too stiff, and it is the perfect length and thickness to create a thin or thick line. If you do a thin line with these pens the shine doesn't bother me, its just when I am creating a thick winged liner that it really shows.

So that about covers it! I hope you enjoyed that little haul! 


  1. great haul. i would love to try a becca blush but i cant get myself to spend the money lol

  2. I love the look of the new nars eyeshadows, they look so amazing x


    1. I couldn't be happier that they added these to their permanent collection! So gorg

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Jasmine! I am loving it right now!


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