Perricone MD No Foundation, Foundation Serum

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

There has been a LOT of talk about foundation serum, in the beauty community and so of course I needed to get my 2 cents in too! Perricone MD is pretty famous for its skincare, but recently they came out with a line of no makeup makeup that includes blush, bronzer, lipstick, concealer and of course this foundation. I didn't want to fully invest in a full bottle before I knew that I liked it so I was lucky enough to get a Sephora deluxe sample in one of my recent purchases. Now don't get this confused with their original No Foundation, Foundation, this one is a Serum- a totally different product.

Lets start with the fact that this stuff is Paraben free, Sulphate free, and Phthalate free which is just awesome, no one likes to put gross chemicals on their skin everyday. It is meant to soften skin's imperfections, and minimize wrinkles and pores, without settling into lines. The finish is said to be semi matte (though I feel like it is dewy) and breathable. It only comes in 1 shade, which is so bizarre to me, though it is close to my skin tone, this would not work for everyone at all! I think because it is so sheer it can fit many people that are kind of similar to this shade, but it is not universal.

Not sure if its just the packaging of the sample I got, but its pretty messy in my opinion. I don't really find that the little dropper holds on to the foundation well either and can splatter if you're not careful. But the bottle looks cute, and I appreciate that you can get every last drop of it!

The coverage is very light, and its meant to be, it will not cover anything prominent on the skin, it can cover up some non severe redness though and even out the skin a little. Mostly what I have found is that it makes you skin look more beautiful, more glowy, more dewy, more fresh and plump, more bronzed even if its slightly darker than you. If I apply some concealer on top of this foundation, it really does look like you have perfect skin- not makeup on your face, it actually really does what it says it does- it looks like you don't have makeup on your skin.

Now I am in about 40 degrees of heat in the daytime, so I can quickly find out if a foundation works well for me, it has to withstand heat, sweat, and time. I have to say that I find matte foundations do work better in heat, I could feel like foundation coming off on my hands if I touched my face. What helps this a lot is powdering up, but it can also take away from the glowy finish of this foundation. I think it is more suited for the winter and dry air, when you need more moisture in the skin. I also think its great for weekend days, or maybe if you are really young starting out with makeup, or you don't need a lot of coverage at all. If you like lightweight foundation this one is great, though in terms of coverage and finish I am more partial to Chanel's Vitalumier Aqua.

Hope this was helpful!

xx Jenna