MAC Goodies

Monday, 25 August 2014

Well I think a great way to start off the week is with a couple of fun new makeup goodies. I was in MAC this weekend just picking up a couple of my staple shadows that had run out on me and I found myself in one of those makeup shopping moods. I was swatching everything I could get my hands on from shadows to blushes and lipsticks, I even found myself in the mascara section which I don't normally do at MAC.

The lady that was helping me with my eyeshadows had the most beautiful pinky berry stained lips with a purple smokey eye and I had to know what that lipstick shade was. I was really surprised when she pointed me to MAC Ulta Darling which is a Sheen Supreme Lipstick. I am not very familiar with this line, it is supposed o be a lipstick/gloss hybrid, lightweight and nonsticky. I decided to take it home purely based on how much I liked the colour, a beautiful deep warm pink shade. What I noticed about this formula is first, the creaminess, it is so incredibly creamy! I wouldn't say it has the texture of a gloss at all (especially MAC's glosses which are sticky), this has a beautiful moisturizing, creamy feel that has a bit of healthy shine. It is quite a thick formula, but what I love about it is that you can do one quick swipe on the lips for more of a sheer balm kind of look (no makeup look), or you can do a full on couple of coats and it really builds up the colour into an opaque thick shade. It also leaves a really pretty stain on the lips that lasts so I don't feel like I need to repply as often, sometimes I just love the look of a nice stain.

The second item I picked up was a mascara (I know I'm shocked too), now I don't think MAC is really known for their mascaras, but after looking at them I decided on the Extended Play Lash. I wanted something with a really small thin brush and I wanted it to be smudge proof, and waterproof formulas tend to help me hold a curl so I figured this would be a good bet. After trying it out for a couple of days I have a few thoughts on it, first the pros: it REALLY grabs the lashes at the base, it pulls them up for amazing volume and really separates the lashes as well, plus it holds a lash curl really well (I find it pretty lightweight)! Cons: I didn't get a lot of volume out of it, but after applying a volumizing mascara on top I was really happy with the results.

So these are a couple of new goodies! Let me know what products you love from MAC!



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