Too Faced Melted Lipsticks

Thursday, 17 July 2014

When Too Faced's Melted Liquefied Long Wear Lipsticks launched I think every beauty lover out there got pretty excited. I, like any self respecting beauty junkie, went out and picked up a shade. My sister also gave me a shade which I was very excited about and so I have for you, two colours to share.

First lets talk packaging, lets state the obvious, these are absolutely gorgeous. I love the gold cap, it looks so luxurious and the bright colours of the tubes match perfectly with the shades inside. I like that the glass is not clear because they continue to look beautiful as you are scraping the bottom for the last bit of product. I haven't seen many squeeze tubes of lipstick, and you would think that it would be a little bit of a mess but it is actually a wonderful way to apply the product. It gives you a ton of control on the amount you want to use and the sponge applicator smooths the product down beautifully on the lips.

I will say that the sponge applicator isn't quite as precise as they make it sound on the website. It can be hard to get the outline of your lips with such a rounded spongy edge. This didn't cause any problems with me but I think it would get to be a little more of an issue with the brighter colours that they offer.

So now onto the product itself. This formula is SO opaque- I mean, you cannot see any of your lip colour through this stuff. You really get the true colour of each shade on your lips (I hate when you love a lip shade and you get home and try it on and it barely shows up). The thing that attracted me to this line the most was the longwear of these shades. If you know me, you know that I love a nude lip. I find it really hard to find a nude liptick that actually lasts throughout the day without constant reapplication. When I saw the shade melted nude it was love at first sight.

The shades are just fine for me. If I was making these shades custom made for me I would have made the nude a little more on the pinky beige nude side, this nude is quite dark tan which can look slightly muddy. The pink shade is quite nice, I would describe it as kind of a bright pastel pink. It does come off a little more light than I would like on my lips, though my skintone is on the medium side. I like my pinks slightly richer and with a little more of a red undertone.

The wear of these lipsticks is fantastic I must say, they last on me about 4 or 5 hours. When you first put the lipstick on it feels very smooth, creamy, with kind of an oily-like slip to it on the lips. As you wear it, it goes more matte but keeps its oil-like slip until about hour 3, when it dries up more and you can feel a matte finish. I ate and drank while wearing this lipstick and it wore well throughout both. I did get some transfer with it, but honestly I think that is why they promote it as a lipstick, stain and a gloss. Its that slight shiny finish that causes the bit of transfer. I think they look beautiful on the lips, they do slightly exaggerate lines as it settles and dries but I think that is the lipstain part of the gloss.

Honestly I am really enjoying these lipsticks, they give great staying power for a lipstick without the dry feeling of a stain. My favourite way to wear these is with a gloss on top because it just gives the lips more of an airbrushed, full look. This way I can also kind of adjust the colour of it, I would put a pink gloss over the nude to achieve the perfect nude pout. The staying power of these is a winner for me, I love that I can wear a nude gloss for hours without fading!


  1. Nice shades :) I wonder if these are comparable to the L.A. Girl Glazed lip glazes !

    1. Ooo I've never heard of those I will have to check them out!

  2. They look really nice!
    Fatima Fabulous

  3. I like the tone of Melted Peony. Pretty in pink! :] // ☼

  4. I love the look of the melted peony, such a pretty shade of pink!
    Great post :)


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