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Friday, 4 July 2014

Hello lovelies! This week I felt inspired to write a post on all of the tips and tricks I have accumulated over my many years of makeup obsession. I hope this will make your life a little easier on the makeup front! So lets dive in!

Tip 1: This post originated purely because of this first tip I am going to share with you. I recently bought a new liquid eyeliner and I went to store it where I always do- in my makeup brush holder with the felt tip side down so that it is sitting vertically. I thought to myself, I wish I had heard this tip earlier because my liners used to dry out so fast! Keeping your liners stored this way will keep the tip moist so that it doesn't dry out too quickly on you.

Tip 2: Let your mascara dry before you try and wipe it off. A simple one but a great tip. When mascara smears all over your perfectly applied makeup your first instinct may be to wipe it off! But just hold on a minute, and wait until it dries. If you do that it will come off super easily- no smearing required.

Tip 3: Wash your brushes weekly. I know I know- I sound like your mother, but seriously! This saved my makeup life. Washing your brushes weekly (or at least spray them with a brush cleaner), will save your skin (especially those who are prone to acne). Think about it this way, if you don't clean your brushes you are basically smearing all of your face oils, and bacteria all over your face again every single day (gross!). It also helps your brushes to work at their best! Brushes with makeup all up in em do not normally buff and blend as we want them to. Also the longer you leave it the deeper the makeup gets into the bristles and the more work it takes to clean... 

Tip 4: Spray your eye brushes. If you use a setting spray, Fix+, or even good ol' eye drops on your shadow brush before you apply a shimmery shadow it will intensify the pigment, and make your shadows appear more shimmery, more metallic and more intense! 

Tip 5: Blend, blend, blend! I know you hear this all the time, but seriously- blend your makeup! This is the best way to ensure a flawless look. I personally blend after every step of my makeup application from foundation to blush to eyeshadow. A great trick I learned for the face is to use a powder brush to blend out your bronzer and blush. The tiny bit of powder left on it and its large size will ensure that your powders look airbrushed. Another great brush to use is a stippling brush if you own one. For the eyes, a large soft dome brush will do the trick.

Tip 6: Use a base shadow. This is the best tip I have ever learned for eyeshadow. Starting with a base shadow that is a shade darker than your skin and blending it just above the crease will make any eyeshadow look smokey and blended!

Tip 7: Foundation doesn't cover everything, nor should it. I used to be a HUGE offender of this one. But foundation is meant to even out the skin, not cover every imperfection (thats what concealer is for). Apply a light base and then if you need the extra coverage go for a high coverage concealer for those pesky spots (and thank me later).

Tip 8: Easy on the powder there... This is the easiest way to give yourself cake face. Puffs of powder should not be flying through the air as you set your makeup, all you need is a dab on your brush, tap off the excess and press it into your skin where you need it. You don't need to see it working for it to be doing its job! You can repowder through the day if you need it or blot off any excess oil. 

Tip 9: Wash your face (and exfoliate if you can) before applying makeup. Makeup tends to adhere to the skin and sink in better if you don't have a layer of natural oils on your face. Dead skin doesn't look great under makeup either. Skin is the base of makeup so take care, wash, exfoliate at least twice a week, and moisturize before applying makeup.

Tip 10: Trying to find a foundation shade? This is a tough one for many people (including myself at times!). Take a look at your whole skin tone. Look at your chest, your neck, and then your face. You should try your best and find an average. I, myself, have the palest neck you've ever seen, but my chest and arms tan so easily. I try and choose a shade I think works as an average and then bronze up my neck a little bit to even it out. 

Tip 11: Pay attention to your eye shape. If you are trying all of these great makeup looks that you've seen on tutorials and they just don't come out the same way on you, it may be your eye shape! People make tutorials much of the time based on what looks good on them. Check out your own eye shape, do you have round eyes? Almond eyes? Downturned eyes? Monolids? Look up tutorials on those looks and give them a shot- you will be surprised at how great they look on you!

Tip 12: Do your makeup in natural light! Enough said...

Tip 13: Carry a powder compact around with you. Seriously it saves my life sometimes. If my foundation isn't looking so hot, something isn't blended- this is a life saver. 

Tip 14: Oops! I botched my eyeliner! Solution? Do not make the mistake of thickening up the liner until you look like a raccoon! This is almost always a fail! What I do is take a makeup Q tip with the tapered end and dip it in a little bit of makeup remover, lightly brush away the mistake and add a little more shadow on top. You wouldn't know the difference and you don't have to walk around all day with a black eye. 

Tip 15: Hairy face? Don't be embarrassed, its a fact of life. On those hairy areas make sure to use downward strokes with your brushes, using upstrokes will place the foundation under those hairs and make them more prominent. 

Tip 16: Spray your makeup with alcohol. About once a month I go over my makeup powders with an alcohol spray to disinfect!

Tip 17: Do your eyes before your face. If you are attending a special event this is a great tip, its likely that you will get a little shadow fall out and that can give you a not-so-cute look as fast as you can say makeup remover. Before you waste your time, do your eye makeup, go in with a makeup wipe under the eyes and then do the rest of your makeup!

Tip 18: Winged eyeliner, can be a little devil at times. Use scotch tape to perfect it. Simply line it up with the line of your lower lash line and then use your liner to create a fool proof cat eye! 

Tip 19: Under eye circles? Be careful with these! You can either make them look better- or worse! Mnay people make the mistake of going TOO light with the under eye concealer this can make you look grey and ashy. You only want to go 1 to 2 shades lighter if you want to highlight. Personally on an everyday basis I like mine only one shade lighter, it looks natural and gives you that perk up! 

Tip 20: My most important tip: do what works for you! Trust your gut, follow the trends YOU like, use shades that you like on yourself and use your own judgement. There are always hyped up products out there, and there are products that people may rave about and shades that someone loves that just don't work for you! There are so many skin types, skin tones, and tastes out there so go ahead and test things out if they catch your eye but don't be afraid to have your own opinion! 


  1. Fantastic tips! Love this post :)

  2. Hey Jenna, these are some brilliant tips. I just recently did my eye makeup before foundation, it's helped me tons! It's just weird when you are so used to doing it the other way around lol

    1. You are so sweet thank you so much! I'm so glad it helped! I know right? When you get into those habits you dont really think twice about it!


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