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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Hello again! I know its been a little bit since my last post but it has been a really busy crazy time for me with work and travel and I have just not had enough "me" time to get my posts up! Finally after a long day at work I promised myself that I would just take a half hour to chill out and write a little post (at midnight... oops!). So, while I was out and about on my travels, I was doing a little window shopping and ended up elbow deep in the nearest Body Shop which is mainly a skincare shop if you haven't come across one. Since my skin tends to be a little sensitive to new products I tend to stick with my normal skincare routine and rarely veer off my normal stuff. So I decided to check out their little makeup section which I had never paid much attention to before. Normally if I am ready for a good makeup shop I will head to Sephora or MAC. I never thought to check out the Body Shop but I was so pleasantly surprised! I do apologize for the sub par photos, I was travelling when I took these pictures, I could not wait to dig into them and I wanted to take the photos before I got my little fingers all in them! 

The first thing I swatched was the eyeshadow. With just barely a touch my finger was just packed with gorgeous pigment and I knew I had to have it. The shades I chose are so summery and beautiful. I chose bronze bliss which is a gorgeous bronze with an orange coppery undertone. It is stunning on the lid for an easy bronzed goddess look. I also love a nice champagne shade and this one, melt my heart, is just stunning. it is the perfect neutral champagne shade. I can use this all over the lid, for a highlight, or just on the inner half of the lid for a smoked out effect. These shadows are SUPER soft, super pigmented and last all day, I am in love with them!

The next purchase which I bought because they had a deal, buy 2 get 1 free, is my absolute favourite purchase of all. The honey bronzing powder, how cute is it, it looks like a little honey combs! How cute is that? It is a honey enriched pressed powder which I had never heard of before. The shade I chose is number 3, medium matte. It was the perfect shade for my skin tone. I did swatch all of the shades, number 2 was too light for me, and number 4 was too dark and orange, number 3 was just perfect. This bronzer is my absolute top at the moment, I reach for it everyday. The colour looks SO natural, in a beautiful sunkissed way where you can see that you have bronzer on but the shade is just light enough that it looks natural and golden enough that it looks sunkissed. I really love that it doesn't have much orange in it at all, when you don't have much of a tan an orange bronzer can look a little harsh. This one is like a brown golden that is just perfect for everyday. I would recommend this over anything else that they offer! It is soft, you can build up the pigment, and it blends wonderfully. 

Hope you enjoyed this little review! 


  1. Melt my heart! I've tried a few shadows from them and an eyeliner but it was all such a fail for me! I love how those shadows and that bronzer look like though!

  2. great post. I have nominated your for the Liebster award.


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