How To Add A Pop Of Peach For Summer

Friday, 27 June 2014

Peach is the ultimate summertime makeup colour, and as a warm tone lover, it is my absolute favourite shade for the hot weather (and it is the perfect excuse to wear more of it). Orange tones can be intimidating though if you aren't used to wearing it. So I thought it would be the perfect time to show you some of my favourite peachy makeup products and how I use them in a way that is super wearable for the everyday gal.

The first tip I would give is to pick one area of the face to focus your pop of colour, either the eyes the cheeks or the lips. Wearing too much peach all over the face is when it looks a little clownish and unwearable. You don't have to be really bold about it either, a light pop of coral on the cheeks will do just fine!

You can also choose the shade of peach that best suits your skintone. Maybe a pinky coral is best for you, or perhaps a very vibrant orange looks nice on your skin! It depends on your skintone so go ahead and play with colour and see what you like best.

Here are my favourite peachy picks! 

Lets start of with nails, many people are already more comfortable with colour on their nails so this is a really great way to incorporate some peach if you don't want to add any to the face. Both of these are pretty inexpensive and good quality polishes. 

Next the lips, this is a super fast way to add a little peach flush or a bold pop of colour to any look. I chose the NYX butter glosses because first of all I absolutely love them (and I mean all of the colours), they are buttery, creamy, and non sticky with good colour payoff- but most importantly they have a range of peachy shades to choose from starting with a milky light orange all the way to a bright pink coral. You can use them on their own or swipe them on top of a lipstick to mix and match a custom shade.
I also selected a very high end, YSL number 15, which is a gorgeous light pinky peach shade that is silky on the lips and looks airbrushed. There are tons of options at the drugstore as well, the Maybelline and Revlon lipsticks are top in my books!

Next and possibly my favourite is the blush. I LOVE a good peachy blush especially with a bit of a tan, it just brings warmth to the skin. My top picks are of course MAC Peaches which is a staple in my collection, it may look intimidating but with a light hand this looks gorgeous on the skin. I also chose my favourite drugstore blush Milani Luminoso which has a beautiful sparkle in it and is more on the pinky peach side, very wearable. Generally I would pair a peach blush with a pink lip and a neutral eye. 

Lastly and probably the most intimidating for most people is eyeshadow. I personally love a nice orange in my shadow, mostly and I think the easiest way is to use a matte peach in or above the crease to blend out your look. I chose makeup geek Peach Smoothie and Chickadee, they are creamy, easy to blend and full of intense pigment. I love using this with browns or neutral tones. You can also pick up a nice pigment like this Loreal Infallible shadow and sweep it all over the lid for a fun and bold look. 

From Left to Right: Magnetic Coral, Peach Smoothie, Chickadee

I hope you have fun playing with colour this summer!


  1. The the bold pink of Peaches & Cream. :] // ☼

    1. Thank you!! They are super creamy and lovely to use! And they smell like vanilla yum!

  2. I absolutely love all those peachy shades! So gorgeous for that summer glow. I have both peaches and luminouso and those are my fave blushers or all time :) xoxox


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