How I Apply Cream Blush

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

As summertime rolls around, I do tend to change up my makeup a little. I find that in the blazing heat and intense daylight I can't quite get away with the same amount of makeup that I did in the winter. Everyone wants that natural, glowing, dewy look and cream blushes, bronzers and highlighters are a great way to achieve it.

I wanted to share my most foolproof method of applying cream blush, it can be tricky to get the hang of- especially the blending part. No one wants to look like a clown and no one wants to look like they are wearing blush. You just want that effortless flush. So here we go! 

What you will need is a cream blush of your choice, and a stippling brush. I prefer using this type of brush as opposed to my finger tips or any other kind of brush. The long thin brush hairs on this kind of brush work well to sheer out the colour and blend effortlessly into the skin. I also find that it doesn't disrupt your foundation and concealer underneath. 

Tip: You always want to apply cream blush over a cream foundation and concealer. Do no put cream blush over powders it will start to look cakey and odd instead of dewy and glowy!

I am using this sample size of the tarte flush cheek stain

I apply this generously to the back of my hand in a circle that is larger than the brush I will be using
This stippling brush is from Sedona Lace
Using circle motions I swirl the brush on to the product so that it is evenly distributed
Finally just apply to the cheeks starting about 2 fingers away from your nose up to the temple area in light circular motions. I find this is the best method for an airbrushed look!

Applying a layer of cream blush under your powder brush is also a great trick to help your blush last longer! If you are the type of girl that comes home and all of your blush has disappeared this is an awesome trick. 

Some great cream blushes can be found at the drugstore as well, Revlon is making gorgeous shades right now, I am in love with all of them! If you are going to be working with a pot form of a cream blush instead of a stick, you can just dip your brush in the pot but I highly suggest still swirling it on the back of your hand first to sheer out the application and second to get it evenly applied on the brush!