Favourite Sedona Lace Brushes

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

I am a bit of a makeup brush collector. My brush stash is a little embarrassing to tell you the truth... So much that I store some of my unused brushes away in a drawer that I rarely open (poor little guys). But in my regular collection I keep my most used/ everyday trusty and must-have brushes from many different brands from high end to drugstore. Now, brushes really do make the difference between a "good" makeup application and a flawless, airbrushed, beautiful one. I really do believe in the power of an amazing brush, and even if you can't get your hands on a lot of good quality products, a good brush can buff things out to make it look like you did! They make great products look even better. So I thought I would start doing some posts going through my faves of each brand, low to high end and everything in between.

Lets be honest, there are a lot of overpriced brush brands out there, and what you end up paying for is the brand name or a gold plated ferrule, and if that's your thing by all means go for it! But we can't all afford that, and so some of us have to be a little more careful about our brush spending. There are great brands out there on a budget, from very cheap to quite reasonable. And lets be a little more real today, I have never come across a brand that perfects every single brush. There is good and bad in every brand which is why I think reading reviews like this are important! So we can grab the best stuff from each place! You will never see me going around promoting one brand or product because that's just not real. Okay now on to the good stuff. 

Today, I will be talking about Sedona Lace, a smaller brush company that I found out about online a couple of years ago that sells quite reasonably priced brushes! You can get a whole set on their site for 60 bucks which honestly is a bargin for good quality products. One brush ranges from 8 to 16 dollars depending on the size. Lets go through my absolute favies in this collection. 

602 Synthetic Angled Top| $14.95
This is actually the first and only angled kabuki brush I have ever owned, so I am not much use in the comparison department. But what I will say is that I have never found myself the need to buy another one because this one performs beautifully. Originally I had bought this to cream contour with, and it works great for that. It is ultra soft, dense, and is just a dream to blend with. I also use it for foundation now (I started reaching for it when my other kabuki brushes were dirty) and I love it for that as well! This brush is lovely and versatile. 

850 Large Angled Contour Brush
I can't help myself but gush over this one. Seriousllyyy it is THE best contour/blush brush I have ever owned. It is absolutely perfect. I have tried other brands of this style and they just didn't cut it. This one is so dense, soft but yet rigid enough to hold its shape, and the bristles are cut in kind of different lengths so that the blending is just perfection. This is what I use everyday for bronzer AND blush. I can't get enough of it. If you were to get one brush from this collection I would recommend this one. It is the perfect shape so that it fits into the contour line, and I dip that same brush in blush afterwards to get a perfect cheek application, it gets right on the cheek bone so that you can blend it right into the bronzer for a seamless look. 

EB09 Universal Blender
This one has been sold out on the website for quite sometime now and for good reason. This is the best white haired dome brush I own. I have a few of the same style from different brands and this one is my fave. The kind of rounded top and shorter head makes it perfect for my eye size (I don't have giant eyes, they are pretty average sized). It gets into the crease perfectly and allows me to blend out colours seamlessly. It picks up the perfect amount of colour (applies more sheerly due to the white hairs) and makes blending a breeze!

954 Concealer Brush
Straight up- I don't use this for concealer, I don't even like these types of brushes for concealer. I use it for highlighting. I just picked it up one day to use for my brow bone and my tear duct and I loved it so much that it just stayed in my permanent collection! Don't ask me why sometimes things just happen...

904 Pencil Brush
I have tried my fair share of pencil brushes and this is by far the best one I have. I actually own 3 of them now, I ordered one and realized I used it in so many colours all the time that I picked up a couple more! What makes this one special is the fact that it is a little larger and more fluffy than your average pencil brush. I use it to smoke out an eyeliner on the upper lash line, smudge shadow on my lower lash line, and add a dense colour to my crease. It is a must have brush in my collection!

If you're interested in checking these out I have linked it for you here

Hope you enjoyed- keep your eyes peeled for more of my must have brushes! 


  1. Very nice brushes! Really like the angled kabuki brush.
    I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! :)
    Z ♥

  2. This was a really helpful & cute post! been looking for advice on what are the best brushes out there that are affordable. (as a student i am always poor haha) Thank you!

    Love pips xx


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