Urban Decay Haul

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Probably my favourite thing to do on a day off is browse Sephora, I don't have to explain it to my fellow beauty junkies out there, its like a candy store. Sometimes I just go in to have a little look see at some new products, or stroll around and swatch things, see what catches my eye. It may not be the most wallet friendly pass time, but it always puts a smile on my face! 

This time I found myself in the Urban Decay stand, swatching shadows. I have been looking for the perfect summer lid colour that I can wear everday and bump up at night time with some smokey colours. This shade, blunt, which I have to say I have never seen before really caught my attention. At first it looked like a champagne, but when I swatched it, it came off at a light gold. I fell in love immediately, and normally I don't buy shadow compacts because I find them bulky and not as convenient as my shadow palettes and z-palettes, but I had to have this one. We all know that Urban Decay makes incredible quality eyeshadows, dare I say some of the best shadows that Sephora offers. This one is no exception, and actually, I find it even better than any of the ones in my Naked palette. This shadow just melts into the skin, it looks like a cream/power consistency- that is how finely milled this stuff is. What I was most attracted to was that the shimmer is so fine that it does't even look shimmery or glittery, it looks more like a sheen or a glow which is exactly what I was hoping for in the summertime. I also love that this gold doesn't have a yellow undertone, it really isn't a traditional yellow gold at all, it has more of a champagne hue to it. I have been loving this shadow paired with MAC's texture blown out in the crease and sometimes I add a little of MAC's saddle to deepen the outer corner. 

I have also had my eye out for some glitters. I have seen glitter as a trend lately, mostly as a liner or on top of liner. I have been looking for the perfect liner to wear for special nights and I swatched some of the Urban Decay shades. This shade, spandex, ended up being my favourite because it just had a little something extra to it. I loved the multicoloured glitter chunks in it. The swatch is about 3 coats of it so that you can really see what the glitter looks like. The only thing about this is I wish the glitter was more dense. I really wanted to make a sharp glitter line and there is quite a bit of glue filler in these guys that leave some blank spaces. I end up doing a few coats which works out in the end, but I think what I will need to do is pick up a pigment that I like and use a mixing medium to turn it into a liner for the look I'm going for. Another way I love to use these is to apply it on top of eyeshadow to add serious pop to the eyes and the best part is- once it dries you don't need to worry about it budging at all.


  1. Love the shadow colour! x


    1. Aw thank you so much Leah! I am obsessed with it lately xx

  2. these look super gorgeous! lovely little review :)
    Caitlin B xx

  3. I can totally see that shadow bring perfect on the lids with other browns and I'd totally love to get a glitter right now, I have none to play with!

  4. I love NYX glitter liners if you're looking for a couple at the drugstore. I love the Urban decay for more high end but I use a ton of the NYX ones! So fun to play with :) xx


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