Too Faced Glitter Glue

Thursday, 15 May 2014

    Too Faced Glitter Glue| 24$ CAN

After watching one of my favourite YouTube beauty Gurus, Jaclyn Hill use this product on her prom tutorial I knew I had to have it. I have been using Fix+ and Urban Decay Setting Spray to try and make my pigments look more glittery, last longer, and look more pigmented. Honestly it does a fine job but when I saw this I thought it would be the answer to my pigment and glitter problems. 

Too Faced always nails their packaging. I mean who doesn't love a little sparkle and glitter? I like the squeeze tube, the opening is quite small so that you don't get too much out at one time. This stuff is thick, I mean, you need to give it a firm press to squeeze out the product. It really is like a thick glue (as you can see by the swatch). It is quite tacky like the name suggests, I just press it lightly between my fingers (rub it and you will find that it dries before you get it on your lids), and I press it all over my lid where I want my pigment to go. I don't wait for it to dry completely before pressing my pigment on top with my finger or a brush (it sticks much better that way). Honestly, this stuff is amazing. It is the best product I have ever worked with for pigments and glitters. I am absolutely in love. I even use it sometimes for shimmery shadows that I really want to pop, or if you want sort of an ombre effect with your pigment where it is super intense and shimmery on the inner corner you can just pop some of this stuff on the inner corner of the eye before you apply the pigment. 

The only thing that I am always careful about when using this product is blending all of the other shadows into the crease before I apply the glue. I apply all of my matte shadows and blend them out so that everything is perfect and all I have left to do is apply my pigment. Make sure you do this especially if you are trying to achieve a smokey eye. If you apply the glue first it can turn into a hot mess pretty quickly. The matte shades will stick to some parts of the glue and it will end up looking blotchy and it will be impossible to blend. And be careful to press the glitter glue on the lid instead of smudge it on if you have already blended your matte shadows on, if you smudge it I have noticed that it wipes away some of the shadow. 

I would seriously recommend this to anyone who loves working with glitters or pigments! 

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  1. I've never seen this before! Sounds amazing ! x


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