MAC Mini Lipstick Haul

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Funny story, I went to my local MAC the other day looking for the new Alluring Aquatic Collection that came out and I must seriously have had my dates crossed because it didn't come out until next week! You know what happened after that, I ended up hanging around and swatching things in the store anyway- and walked out with 4 new lip products! I must have just been in a lippie kinda mood because I started looking at lipsticks that I thought would be nice for spring and summer. I do love my nudes and pinks so I ended up going with three lipsticks and one lip pencil that I thought would be great for everyday wear.

I love MAC lipsticks, they are all so lovely and feel amazing on the lips. MAC isn't my favourite place for glosses- but lipstick- yes please. I am mostly attracted to the Cremesheen formula, it feels so moisturizing, the tones are generally very wearable, and they look beautiful on the lips- fill in lines and imperfections- all that good stuff. Two of these were Cremesheen and one was a Luster which I can't say I've ever tried before but I was so attracted to the colour that I went for it, I always like to add a little something new.

MAC Japanese Maple
This is a Cremesheen that is described by MAC as a frosted light beige. Honestly I don't think thats a great descriptor of this liptick. Frosted? Maybe a little bit but it comes off as more of a shine than a frost. The shade I would describe myself as a peachy light nude, which is why I loved it so much. I have trouble with paler nudes mostly because they fall more into the pink beige colour tones that makes me look kind of dead to be honest. I love that this has that peachy undertone that just brings the face back to life. Honestly I don't usually wear nudes on their own, I layer them with glosses or other lipsticks, but this is the perfect base for the summer with a hint of peachiness!

MAC Fanfare
This little number caught my eye first. I do love a pink lip on myself, I think it brings so much brightness and life to the face and just looks pretty without being overwhelming. This is described by MAC as a midtone yellow pink, it is also a Cremesheen. This is just a really pretty warm pink that I can wear everyday with any look. It comes off quite opaque but also nice and moisturizing. Warm shades tend to look good on my skintone so I have really been loving this one. 

MAC Shy Shine
This is the lustre shade that is described as a shimmering mauve. I do agree with that description, it is a little bit of a pinky beigy brownish mix and the colour payoff is quite sheer. This would be a great nude for darker skin tones or a nice everyday pink for light to medium skin tones. I like this one because its easy to swipe on anytime and you get a little extra something on your lips. It does come off with a little bit of shimmer that makes the lips appear almost wet. I am enjoying this one so far, but I have to say it isn't my favourite of the bunch.

MAC Dervish 
I don't always wear lip pencils, but when I do I usually like them to kind of match the lipstick shade I'm wearing or perhaps slightly deeper. I loved this shade by MAC called dervish, it is a pinky rosey shade with a little bit of brownish tones in it too. MAC describes it as a pinky mauve. It is slightly deeper than my lips but is a really nice base to work with any pinks or wine coloured lipsticks. If I'm doing a nude lip this is a bit too deep but for most of my deeper pink shades it is perfect. It goes on incredibly smooth and its quite long wearing. 


  1. These shades look awesome! I'm so intrigued by the MAC Fanfare one.


    1. Thank you so much! Its a great everyday pink :)

  2. I love that Japanese maple shade, so perfect for everyday!


    1. I just discovered it! A much more wearable nude for me, most of them make me look a little dead!

  3. Love the nudes and my favorite is shy shine!

    1. I love nudes too its my go to lippie! Thank you for reading!! xx

  4. Japanese Marple looks so pretty!! :)


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