MAC Alluring Aquatic

Friday, 23 May 2014

I am guilty of counting down the days to the launch of this summer collection by MAC- Alluring Aquatic. Like any other MAC addict, I get even more excited about their limited edition collections. There is something about only being able to get your hands on it for a couple of days before it all sells out and hoping that the certain product you've been eyeing is still in stock. Its a beauty girl's boxing day. I went as soon as I could to my local MAC and picked up a few of my must haves. This collection in particular I was soooo excited for because of the packaging- I know, I know- but aren't we all suckers for a gorgeous packaged lipstick or blush every once in a while? This is probably the coolest packaging I have ever seen by MAC, usually they are pretty boring as far as packaging goes but this collection- yes please.

I had to show the pictures of the boxes because seriously they are incredible. The boxes and the actual containers have this gorgeous blueish teal shade with droplets of water all over. They actually are raised little droplets so you can feel the texture of them which is pretty cool. The packaging is just an A+ in my books, one of the best I have ever seen.

Enchanted One
I was actually going to purchase Pet Me, Please, but it was already out of stock so I ended up going with this one, it looked the most wearable for me. It is a Matte lipstick so it is free of shine or shimmer which is nice because you can pair it with a gloss, I'm not really one for matte shades on their own I find them to look a bit drying on me but its pretty easy to throw on a gloss. This shade is a medium pink shade with mauvey/ brown tones in it. I will get some good use out of this shade, it would be an everyday colour for me paired with a bit of a lighter gloss to give it a little more brightness. The product goes on smooth and creamy, and doesn't dry out my lips like some other mattes i've tried. 

Normally you won't see MAC lipglosses in my collection and that's just personal preferences, I find them to be quite sticky and they can tend to get a little gloopy for me, but I just loved this shade so much (and the packaging, come on I had to). This is a great nude, a milky neutral peach shade. I don't find this to be so sticky that its uncomfortable, but it sure has some stick to it. I will say that it lasts a long time. I would use this only over a lipstick, I tried it on bare lips and the colour wasn't opaque enough and it ended up looking a little bit gloopy in some areas. I love the packaging of this as well, the clear bottom allows you to see the beautiful shade and the water drop detailing is still on the cap. I also like the doe foot applicator, I prefer it over a brush I think it smooths the product into the lips much better. 

Sea Me Hear Me
I went straight for this blush first, I was a must have for me, I had done my research and this is the shade I wanted most of all. The colour looks a little more pink in the pan than it does swatched, on the skin it has a little more of a rosey tone to it, but it is a gorgeous shade that looks quite natural. The texture is gorgeously smooth and silky, and the finish is beautiful it has a great glow to it without having shimmer or glitter. Not to mention the beautiful print on the blush, it just looks stunning. 

Seduced At Sea
I didn't originally go in thinking I was going to buy this one but honestly I loved it so much in the store I had to grab it while it was still there (*sigh* I always fall for the limited addition allure). This one looks kind of like a mauvey pink in the pan but swatched it comes off with more orangey coral tones. Again the formula is great, smooth, blendable, and looks glowing and gorgeous.

I just wanted to put this up pretty quickly before it all runs out!  


  1. Oh My God!! I really really would love either one of the blushes! Especially See me Hear me! The packaging is just wow!

    1. I just had to grab some things mostly because of the packaging:) i hope you can get your hands on some stuff too!

  2. I am seriously in love with the packaging of this collection! Great post! Xx

    1. Aw thank you so much! I think its what i loved most about it too!


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