Laura Mercier 500 Point Box

Monday, 12 May 2014

As a true makeup junkie I buy many, many, many items from Sephora. Not just for myself, but for friends and family that I just feel would make their lives so much better if they just owned that shade of lipstick that would look SO gorgeous on them!.... That justifies it.... right? Anyway, what I love about Sephora is that they reward my indulgences with perks! I think we all know that a point is a dollar and so if you get up to the point where you're picking a 500 point perk you may want to also start racking up the reasons for this amount of spending as well... Mind you I do save up my points. Normally I don't choose the 100 point perks unless there is a sample mascara that I have been dying to try. I normally save up for the big whoppers that are so much fun because they are like little mini presents and actually give you a good taste of some products from a certain brand that I may not have tried. I decided to use my points on this Laura Mercier box that was offered for beauty insiders. I have tried a couple of products from this line but I can't say that I am too familiar or have a well rounded view of it. So here are my thoughts for you!

This box came with:
Flawless Skin Facial Polish (regular 38$)
Foundation Primer- Radiance (regular 1.7 oz 40$)
Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 (regular 55$)
Matte Radiance Baked Powder Compact (regular 42$)
Lip Glace in Rose (regular 20$)

These samples are enough for about 4-5 uses of the skin products. The highlight will last me a while I would imagine, and the lipgloss will give me about 10 days worth so this is a pretty good box to try if you are looking to form an opinion on the brand. The worst thing to me is a sample that is just one use, honestly it is hard to tell if you really like a product with only 1 use, you can really only make  first impression.

Flawless Skin Facial Polish
This was the most surprising product to me. I honestly wasn't too excited about an exfoliator when I chose this box, really I wanted the highlight and the primer. But it turned out to be one of my favourite products in here. This exfoliator is the perfect amount of roughness on the skin. It gives a deep exfoliation which is what I want really, but it does not feel harsh on the delicate skin on the face which is what I truly love about it. The beads are very small and there are tons of them, with the exfoliator I have been using (Boscia) I find that there is a bit too much filler product and I want more of the exfoliating beads. This also washes off very easily and leaves your skin feeling hydrated (not dry and tight like many others I have tried). I truly love this one. Oh and not to mention it smells really nice too! Bonus:)

Foundation Primer|Radiance
The second I put the product on my skin I thought of the Loreal Lumi Primer. It really does the same thing and gives the same kind of glow on the skin. The Laura Mercier is more pinky beige toned than the Loreal which is white toned which may be nicer if you have darker skin. This primer is quite lightweight, it feels like a moistuizer on the skin with a bit more stick to it. It completely blends into the skin and gives a nice sheen under foundation which does shine through and make your skin appear a little more dewy. It sets really nicely as well, some primers I find don't completely mattify on the skin but this one does as soon as you blend it in. It is quite nice, though for the price I don't think it is anything incredibly special that I would spend my money on. I haven't tried it long enough to tell if it helps my foundation last longer- I'll have to get back to you on that. It is nice, if you have the money to spend on it, but honestly I would always rather spend my money on foundation than primers!

Tinted Moisturizer
This was my least favourite of the bunch, mind you I am a little biased, I don't like tinted moisturizers at all. I am all about the coverage and have always been attracted to full coverage foundations. Hey if I'm gunna go through the trouble of putting it on it better cover what I want it to! I tried to use my fingers to blend it in for this and honestly it was kind of hard to get it to absorb into my skin. It smells and feels like sunscreen to me, even the way it blends into the skin where you don't feel like its blending at all and then all of a sudden it just gets very sticky and sits in the skin. Not really my cup of tea to be honest but for a tinted moisturizer I must say the coverage is not bad. I think you could build this to a medium coverage. If you were someone looking for a day time SPF with a light coverage this would be perfect- I, however, am not one of those people. In this case it is simply preference. It feels nice on the skin once it sets, it is not completely matte, but not dewy. It feels a little satiny and makes the skin feel nice and soft.

Matte Radiance Baked Powder|Highlight 01
This product was one of the main reasons I really wanted this box. I have heard so many great things about this highlighter.This highlight has no shimmer or glitter, it simply glows with a really pretty sheen, kind of similar to the Ambient Lighting Powders from Hourglass. This shade is quite neutral, slightly on the pinky beige side with a little bit of champagne tones. It is one that would looks great in the daytime because it doesn't have any glitter or sparkle. If you are worried about that glitter falling on your face this would be a perfect solution. It is really gorgeous and I am going to use up this whole thing! Will I repurchase? Not quite sure on that one yet, I do have the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders which are quite similar, and there are so many nice highlighters out there that I probably won't spend the money on the full one. I think this little guy will last me quite a while!

Lip Glace|Rose
I love this size of lip gloss for my purse! It is so adorable and not to mention Laura's glosses are always amazing. I have tried many of them before and I always love them. This one is slightly different for me because it has glitter in it which I usually hate in lip products but in this one it is almost undetectable and just adds to the shine of the gloss. The colour is perfect, a beautiful rose for the springtime, it goes on with the perfect amount of pigmentation, I would say it is a medium coverage gloss. Perfect to wear on its own for a beautiful sheer makeup day. It makes the lips looks shiny, healthy and full. It smells nice like vanilla, and feels super moisturizing and non-sticky. I admit I can feel a little bit of the sparkle granules which I don't prefer but other than that it is an A+ in my books!

Hopefully this was a good overview of the line!


  1. Lovely review! The exfoliator sounds amazing! I love saving my points for the 500 point boxes. I feel like they always end up being good value! I got a Stila kit last time xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

    1. Aw thank you! I would have loved that kit Stila is such a great brand!

  2. I love Laura Mercier primer!! its so good and lasts ages X


    1. It is gorgeous! Love the glow it gives to the skin!


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