ELF Glossy Gloss

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Hello everyone! I know its been a few days since my last post but I was on a conference to present some of my thesis work and it was so busy that I barely had a few seconds to myself to keep up with blogging. Now I am almost all settled in back at home, but before I unpacked I wanted to write a post that I have been very excited about. This is going to be kind of a series of posts on the brand ELF which I know everyone is quite familiar with. I decided that I wanted to try out the brand as a whole and so I went online and ordered a TON of their products which is not actually too costly since everything is a quite inexpensive. At first I thought I might just review the whole line myself and do a "top products" list, but I figured it is just as important to see the good and the bad so instead I am going to review each product on its own and tell you my thoughts. Today I am reviewing the "glossy glosses", very original name!

First lets start off with packaging. I actually really like the packaging from elf for most of the products. I have said this before but I think they keep it looking quite classy with the black sleek packages. I find that cheaper products often come with cartoony looking packages which cheapens the look of the product. These glosses look really nice with a clear plastic tube and a black lid. The plastic is light, it doesn't have a ton of substance to it and the lid I will admit doesn't always screw on quite right on a couple of them but for 3$ each it is pretty decent! They look quite pretty and I love that you can easily see the colour through the tubes. I also really enjoy the brush applicator. Some people strongly dislike these and would rather a doe foot applicator but honestly I think this type of brush picks up more product which can be an issue at times with doe foot applicators. The biggest disadvantage to the brush applicators in my mind are the little hairs that can stick out which has happened already on a couple of mine but I just cut them off with small scissors. 

The colour selection is perfect for the everyday woman who is using these for school, work or running errands. There are no crazy colours in this collection, it ranges from nudes to pinks to red and purpley tones. There are 10 shades available which is great, I only picked up 5 of them. I love all of the shades that I chose, they are all extremely wearable and each shade is unique to the next. 

The formula in my opinion is quite fantastic which is the most important part afterall! These glosses give a nice sheen to the lips with absolutely no glitter(a big thumbs up in my books). They give a nice medium coverage so that they are quite nice and wearable on their own, they give a great wash of colour to the lips. I also like that you can pair them with a lipstick and the lipstick shade with shine through slightly. I love these for their versatility. They go on very very smoothly, they have Vitamin E which makes them nice and moisturizing, and they are not sticky or goopy. They do develop a slight tackiness when they sit on the lips for a while but I think that helps with the lasting power which is quite good as well. They have very little scent or taste which is nice as well. 

Overall this gets a GREAT rating for the price. Honestly if you are on a budget this would be my go-to gloss.  Comparing them to my favourite lipgloss of all time in the drugstore the NYX butterglosses, they are less creamy, and the NYX glosses smell like vanilla cake which I actually quite enjoy (who doesn't like cake??), but they do have slightly more shine. I love them both, these glosses are 2$ cheaper! What a bargin!


  1. The colors look amazing! Dragon fruit looks amazing! Lovely review xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

    1. Love that one too! Thank you so much!! Xx

  2. These are similar to the nyx butter glosses? OOO...I really love the shade salmon!

  3. I would say butter glosses are more thick and creamy, these ones are more thin feeling and not as moisturizing. I think they are pretty great for 3 bucks! Salmon is a great peachy nude I love it too!


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