Current Favourite Lip Products

Monday, 26 May 2014


I wanted to share my two absolute hands down favourite lip products that I have been using this month. I was really looking for a coral shade that would be great for spring and summer, but honestly I don't think an orange lip really suits me. I have to admit, I'm not too daring with lipsticks, I stay within a pretty neutral colour zone and thats where I am happiest! But in the summer, I like to embrace a little bit of the peachy shades and so I wanted something that would go with everything, and that I was comfortable with on my lips. I know YSL is definitely on the luxury side, but this lipstick line is just that, luxurious. I have talked about YSL before, if you want to see more about the product you can click here. This lipstick feels ultra hydrating, blurs imperfections and lines, makes the lips look plump and supple and the colour is just sheer enough that the colour isn't too overwhelming but gives a beautiful pinch of colour to the lips. The formula almost feels like a treatment oil on the lips, there is zero stick to this stuff and it may not last the longest for that reason but I do not mind reapplying at all (who doesn't wanna whip this gorgeous thing out in public?). It feels very silky and smooth and comfortable. I love this coral shade, it is the perfect amount of pink that it still comes off coral but it is super wearable. I have been wearing this almost everyday! I almost don't want it to get used up too quickly because it is just so gorgeous (but I may keep the packaging when its done ;)

The lipgloss by Bare Minerals was something I had been eyeing for a while, but I didn't see a need for me to buy a new gloss. If I am really going to invest normally its something like a lipstick that feels more substantial. But after giving this shade rebel a swatch I was sold. Seriously, it is the perfect shade of pink. I mean, I have never found something that looks so flattering on me. Just based on the colour I was gushing, but more than that I love the formula. It has a minty, vanilla smell and feels refreshing on the lips. It also has a little bit of stickiness that really clings to the lips and allows for long wear. This shade is a pink mauve, with no glitter or sparkle just a beautiful sheen. I had to mention this one becuase I have been wearing it with and without lipstick. It is always coming with me wherever I go, in my purse or bag. I love the applicator, the way the doe foot is kind of tipped to the side really allows it to hug the lips!

What are your favourite lip products?


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    1. Thank you:) I'm really loving it!

  2. Oh wowza! that moxie lipgloss is sooo lovely! I totally love how its a pretty rosey nude! I hope that moxie comes here soon!

    1. Aw thank you! I hope you can get your hands on it!

  3. I love the look of the Milani blush, I will have to check this out :-)


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