Crown Brush Set

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Like many other makeup junkies, I am often recruited to do friends makeup for special events. If you do stuff like this often, or do freelance work, you have probably found yourself looking for a nice brush set that you can just use on people other than yourself. I like to keep my everyday brushes just for me, I use them a lot, I don't have to worry about washing them every time I use them and honestly I like that they are just for little ol' me. A good set of brushes can be expensive, I, myself have built up my collection overtime, adding a brush or two every little while until I had a full set. Buying a completely new set of brushes is an investment especially if they aren't even for you! I had been using some ELF brushes, BH cosmetics brushes and my favourite, Real Technique brushes on other people. But you always want to do a great job for other people and tools are a big part of the job! These Crown Brushes popped up on my Hautelook page for a very reasonable price, 50-60$ for most of the sets. I had done a little research and decided that I would try them out. I bought the 10 piece Synthetic set. Honestly one of the main reasons I chose this set was because it was the most "complete" set out of the bunch for me, it had most of the brushes that I would use for a complete look. Many other sets were missing important brushes like dome shaped and kabuki style brushes. 

This set came with 4 face brushes and 6 eye brushes. The case honestly is a little annoying, it is pretty stiff and can be a little challanging to get the brushes back into it, but it look nice and holds and protects the brushes. Unfortunately they don't have names or numbers on them so I will simply work from left to right discussing each of the brushes. One thing I will mention in general is that I found all of the brushes with the exception of a couple that I will mention, to be quite long and soft which was not ideal for me. I just find that they don't quite hold their shape well when you use them because the bristles are so long and the brushes are not very dense. Also I have noticed a bit of shedding on the face brushes, I have not washed them yet so if you are interested in how they hold up just leave a comment and I can report back! Alright- on to the individual brushes!

Flat Top Kabuki
I was hoping this brush would be similar to the Sigma one, unfortunately, it was not. I really wanted to use this for liquid foundation, and although it does work, it is not as dense and short as I like my kabuki brushes. It just doesn't push the foundation into the skin as well as my Sigma one. The brush is extremely soft though, I would compare this one to the ELF one. I would use this for powder rather than liquid. 

Powder Brush
I feel like this is going to be a trend in this review but I wish it was a little fluffier and larger and more dense. It is a very soft brush, and works quite well for powder. I will be using this for allover powder or an allover bronze.

Angled Blush Brush
This one is my favourite of all of the face brushes, it is very soft, and I found that the long bristles worked quite well in this case. It is as full or fuller than my Sigma brush and the synthetic hairs make it quite a bit softer and deposit more colour. I like this for contouring and blush application. 

Paddle Foundation Brush
This is the only brush in the collection I don't really use. I prefer kabuki brushes for foundation, but I have used these for primer and concealer. As a paddle brush it is quite thin and soft. Its pretty nice! Not too much else to say about this guy.

Flat Lid Shader
I have to say this is the best brush in the collection. It is a perfect brush for colour application on the lid area. It is not too long, not too short, it is dense and has the perfect dome shape for getting the colour pressed up into the crease. Love it!

Small Dome Brush
This brush is nice, but just nice. Honestly if I was creating a collection I would have made a large dome brush and a tiny pencil brush because they serve completely different purposes. I always need a large dome brush to blend out the crease colours, this is just too small for that. I also need a pencil brush to smudge out colours on the lash line which this brush is just too big for. Poor little goldy locks brush! The size just isnt right... Mind you it is pretty good for a cut crease!

Angled Brush
This brush is nice for applying shadow close to the lash line, but it is too thick for a gel liner. This brush will get its use though!

Liner Brush
This was not the best liner brush I have ever used. It is just too thick, too long and too soft. To create a nice gel liner look I need a shorter thinner brush that really holds its shape. This one is useable but not my favourite one. 

Small Fan Brush
Seriously how cute is this?! I gushed over it for about 10 minutes when I first opened it, I can't get over it! I actually found this PERFECT for highlighting small areas of the face, above the lip, right on the center of the nose, above the brows. It is just perfection, I am in love.

A must-have in any collection for brows or lashes, this one is pretty standard and works well! The bristles are soft and dense which is perfect for brushing out brows after filling them in for a natural effect or brushing out clumpy lashes. 

To make this a perfect set I would have to add a good foundation kabuki brush like a Sigma or Sedona lace, a large dome brush like a Sigma E35 or E40, a pencil brush (my fave is the Sedona lace), and a good liner brush. 

Overall this is a pretty decent brush collection for the price. If it wasn't on a bargin I probably wouldn't pick it up. But if you are looking for a new set that works well, this is a good one. Not every brush is perfect but they are much nicer than BH or ELF brushes. I would combine these with my Real Techniques brushes for the perfect kit.