SLEEK Blush Review

Sunday, 6 April 2014

I made an online purchase for a few products from SLEEK makeup about a month ago. Mainly I was on their website because I had heard a lot of good things from the beauty community on this up-and-coming brand and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I am always looking to try new and unique blush shades that are good quality, and for only 6.99$ a pop, I thought if these are great, it is a whole line of beautiful colours that I can recommend to anyone (especially those on a budget who like to experiment with makeup).

I wanted to spend a little while trying these blushes out so I could really give a well rounded and honest review of them. I have been wearing these blushes for about a month now, I have tried all of the colours and I am finally ready to share my thoughts.

Like all other SLEEK products the packing is... well... sleek! I know who woulda thought? Honestly the packaging is very nice. I love the black colour, I think black packing for more "drugstore" priced brands really helps to make the product look more expensive. All of the cartooney and colourful stuff that is on drugstore products really cheapens the look of them in my opinion. I also really like that there is no wasted space in these little guys. None of those little cheap blush brushes that nobody ever uses are found in these which I greatly appreciate because I just end up chucking those in the garbage and I am left with a little wasted space in my blush container. I also like that the blushes are small and they maximized the space of the mirror so that you can throw one in your purse and use it as a compact. No complaints on packaging here!

This blush line has a wide range of colours from pinks to purples to peach. There are 11 shades in total and I own 5. There are cool and warm undertones so there should be a few great choices out there for everyone. They also have both shimmery and matte shades. In my honest opinion I wish the peach shade had a little more pink in it, it was just a little too orange for me and I think it would be more universally flattering if it offered a little more pink. The coral shade was a little bit tan for my skin, I was expecting a bit of a brighter colour there. The pomegranate would be beautiful on darker skin tones. The Rose Gold is by far my favourite shade and would work as a blush for light to medium skin tones and as a nice bright overlay for darker skin tones. I love the flecks of gold shimmer (I mean really who doesnt love a nice Rose Gold?). Overall, a great shade selection.

For me, this is the most important aspect of any makeup product. I will still use great products if the packaging is terrible (most of the time), but you really need a good long wearing, pigmented formula to have a solid blush in your collection. I will say that the formula of each blush colour did seem very different to me which made me a little wary. For example, the flamingo and pomegranate shades both are intensely pigmented and more on the soft powder side while the coral and peach shades were both harder to swatch and more powdery than anything. The coral and peach shades also did not pick up as well on my blush brush. The pomegranate and flamingo were almost too intense, you barely need to press the brush on and you get a whack ton of pigment. I had to be very careful with applying these shades, they can tend to look a little clown-like if you're not careful! The best shade in my opinion is the Rose Gold, it is the perfect medium for the amount of pigmentation and the shimmer in it is beautiful. I wore this shade the most out of all of the colours.

Wear time is pretty good. They do tend to wear off the most for me in the first couple hours of wear, they end up being a more sheer wash of colour by the end of the day but still look nice. I wouldn't say they are the longest lasting fomulas but I suppose it also depends on the type of foundation you wear underneath, if your foundation fades then so will your blush!

Overall I think these blushes are great for the price point. It is a great way to increase your blush collection and try new colours if you like to experiment and play with new shades!


  1. Hi! I just thought I'd let you know i've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check it out here. x

  2. I love the Life's a Peach shade! Great review x

  3. Thank you so much! It's lovely isn't it?


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