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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Hourglass Blush
I have been eyeing these blushes for quite sometime now. I love the Hourglass powders and waited until the Sephora 15% off to grab one of these little guys (after looking at the price tag)... But honestly blushes do last me quite sometime so I have no trouble investing in a great one every now and then. I selected Luminous flush out of the available colours partly because I was looking for a blush that I could wear everyday, and also because I don't actually have many pink blushes in my collection- mostly I am drawn toward peachy tones. This looked like the perfect warm soft pink. Luminous flush is described as a champagne rose with the luminous light ambient lighting powder running through it for a candlelit glow (doesn't that sound like perfection?). And you know what? It truly is. It is so creamy, blends like a dream, give your skin a nice glow without looking shimmery, shiny, or at all sparkly. It looks like your skin but healthier, better, and more luminous (but in a very natural way). I like that you don't have to be too careful with this blush since it isn't intensely pigmented due to the powder running through it, but it gives off the perfect amount of colour to the skin and is definitely buildable. The packaging is beautiful (minus the fact that it is EXTREMELY hard to photograph because it is so reflective). The mirror is the perfect size and the silver sleek packaging is very luxurious.

Eyeko Liquid Liner Carbon Black Waterproof
Isn't that a mouthful? I was itching for a new liner while I was waiting for The Balm's Schwing to arrive (read the review here) so I decided to pick one from Sephora to test out. Since I had already tried many of the popular brands and had never found a holy grail I must have this in my life or I can't go on liner, I decided to go with this brand that I had received a sample from many months ago. I remember liking the liner sample that I tried and I wanted to go with a waterproof liner (in general they smudge less throughout the day and stay on longer). The packaging is so beautiful, the handwriting on the tube is to die for, and the felt tip is nice and tapered so you can get a fine point or a thick line, mind you it is slightly short for my liking. The formula itself I regret to inform you is not my cup of tea. One thing I cannot stand in a liquid liner is a glossy/shiny finish. I honestly do not think it is flattering on the eye at all. This has mega shine to it. It looks almost foiled it is so glossy. I will have to either return this (though I absolutely hate returning makeup because I know no one can use it) or give it away to a friend (now who is giving me trouble lately...... Just kidding!

Smashbox Suntan Matte Bronzer
As the hot weather is soon approaching I thought it would be appropriate to get a bronzer that was a little darker than my Bobbi Brown Golden Light (though I love it so much). I wanted to branch out and try a new brand. The Smashbox Bronze Lights caught my eye. They have 2 shades, a Sunkissed and a Suntan and since I was going for a darker colour I went with the Suntan (I figured I could use it to contour now and to bronze later in the summer). I am absolutely in love with it right now. It is creamy and blendable on the skin and doesn't take much effort to make it look airbrushed. The colour is warm with an orange undertone but does not give that fake looking orange tan look to the skin. I do like a little bit of orange or golden undertone in my bronzers in general so that they don't look muddy. This is the perfect shade when you have a bit of a tan going on.

Buxom Full On Lip Polish in Sophia 
Now this was actually a 100 point perk, and who doesn't want a new lipgloss that is so cute and small enough to throw in your purse and carry around. I already knew that I loved this formula becuase I own a full size one myself, but I wanted to go ahead and try a new colour. This one is beautiful, it is a midtoned pink with a mauvy purple undertone (they call it sweetheart pink) with just a hint of micro shimmer (almost undetectable). The finish is on the glossy side but very flattering on the lips, blurring imperfection and making the lips look fuller. It does have a plumer in it that causes that tingly sensation on the lips, and honestly if you get any in your mouth it feels very strange and almost numbing.... But that doesn't bother me too much, the colour and formula is amazing. It has a slight stickiness to it that helps it adhere to the lips and last longer, it also helps make the lips look airbrushed and blur imperfections. It has sheer pigment on its own that you could wear on a no makeup day, but it also looks wonderful on top of a lipstick.


  1. The Buxom Lip Polish is awesome...I love how small it is..I put it in my back pocket if I can't carry anything else..

    1. Isn't it just adorable?! I have been throwing it in my purse everywhere I go. Thank you so much for reading xx

  2. Ohh that blush.. It looks gorgeous and sounds so dreamy! I can't imagine how beautiful it looks on if it gives a nice natural glow to the skin. I love blush so maybe I can justify the price..? Haha. And the eyeliner looked really deep and pigmented in the swatch, shame it has a glossy finish! Bet that doesn't look good at all! Matte is the way forward I think when it comes to eyeliners. x

    Kathryn | effievanity
    hope you can enter my spring palette giveaway!)

    1. I completely agree! You should definitely check out the blush, there are so many beautiful shades as well! It was so hard to choose:) The eyeliner was a shame especially since the wear time was insanely good and the pigmentation was so rich... I just couldn't do the glossy look :( *sigh*

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