Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer

Sunday, 27 April 2014

As a little treat to myself after the end of exams I went to Target to pick up a few new makeup goodies. I like to go periodically and just browse the new items and see whats new on the market. After strolling around for a while I decided to try out a couple of the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers. I had heard some mumblings around about these with mixed reviews so I wanted to try it out myself. I have to say I was not too impressed with the shade selection which is what deterred me from purchasing these before. I tend to pick up nude and pink shades to test out new lip lines because it is well in my comfort zone and I can focus on the formula more. From what I could tell these are the 2 lightest shades. I was pretty surprised, Phenomenon is a very light peach and Celestial is a pretty rich berry/rose shade. Honestly I was hoping for a baby pink and a  berry shade in the collection as well which I could not find. The shades range from nudes, to pinks and reds. My favourite way to wear these has been to mix these 2 shades to get a nice light peachy-pink shade. That is the way I have been wearing these everyday, I just was not a huge fan of the colours that were selected for this line.

The look of the gloss tubes is only fine to me. I like glosses that don't look so bulky to tell you the truth. I really like the look of sleek products and I wish you could see the colour throughout the tube so that it is easier to tell what colour you're reaching for. I'm not a huge fan of black packaging on glosses as it can mask the colours. The top of the cap is quite strangely shaped... Kind of like a diamond or something. I don't quite get what the marketing was for this gloss. Apocalips? Diamonds? Am I missing something? Besides that, it is a nice doe foot applicator but it has a little well in it that is actually pretty genius! Instead of dipping back into the tube for more product it sits in the little well so you get a very good amount of product with one swipe- someone was thinkin'! The colour is extremely nice and pigmented, a very nice opaque formula. It has a light perfumey/flowery smell that doesn't bother me (though I can't say that I love it). I would describe the consistency as a cross between a stain and a gloss. If you have ever tried a lip stain, you put them on and they are glossy and they dry quickly to a matte finish. This is quite similar, it is thicker than a stain but not by much and it has that same kind of oily feel that makes it spreadable, and it dries quite quickly to a demi matte finish. It does not stay glossy on the lips, but the colour payoff is quite nice and it is very long wearing. It does make my lips feel like they are drying out. So I need a gloss or a chapstick on top! A little silly, a gloss on top of a gloss... But that is what I found with it!

If you like long wearing glosses you will like these. If you like to wear glosses on their own this is pretty great. But if you are looking for a medium/sheer gloss to top off a lipstick and give a sheen this is not the one for you. Overall I will keep wearing them, but I am not really a lipstain kinda girl so I don't feel like I will be rebuying this!