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Monday, 21 April 2014

Makeup Geek is a brand I have wanted to talk about for a long time. If you don't know already, Makeup Geek is a brand started by makeup artist and YouTuber Marlena. I have been a fan of her's for a long time, I love her makeup tutorials and lifestyle vlogs. She is such a sweet person and I was so excited when I heard that she was launching her own makeup brand. Her brand seems to be gaining more and more popularity among other beauty gurus because of its great quality and affordable price point. Her eyeshadows and pigments are the most popular items (I believe she is launching some blushes soon too). Her eyeshadows are compared to MAC's (there is even a dupe list on her website), they are very similar in size (though MUG's pans are slightly larger) but most importantly they are similar in pigmentation and blendability. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with these shadows. I have had mine for over a year so plenty of time to make up my mind on them.

Honestly, I use them interchangeably with my MAC shadows and I do not have a preference of either or (and they are 5.99$ for a pan!). I decided to show you my favourite neutral shades because they are my makeup staples. I use neutrals on a daily basis whether it is for a full simple "no makeup" day time look or just as blending shades for any other look I can imagine. I do go through my neutral shades pretty quickly which is why I much prefer the price point on the MUG pans. The quality is fantastic, they have great pigmentation, they are not chalky or powdery, they blend beautifully and last all day long. I couldn't ask for more. I do recommend getting a Z palette or something similar if you are planning on investing in these pans, in the long run the pans will cost you much less than the compacts and they are much easier to use (everything is in one place instead of opening a million compacts to achieve your makeup look). I also recommend buying these shadows in bundles if possible to reduce shipping costs, I buy about 10 shadows at a time (I always stalk up on the ones I know I use all the time).

So here are my 9 most used and loved MUG eyeshadow pans!

    Makeup Geek Eyeshadow | Pans | $5.99   

These are the 3 lightest shades. I do have a warmer undertone to my skin so I tend to favour peachy shades. Vanilla Bean is a shade I use on a no makeup day with a big lid brush and sweep it from lash line to crease. It is the perfect shade that gives the lid a smooth look with a hint of pretty sheen. I use beaches and cream or peach smoothie as transition shades to blend colours out in the crease all the way up to the brow. Which one I prefer just depends on the look i'm trying to achieve. 

Vanilla Bean: A peachy beige matte with a touch of shimmer
Beaches and Cream: Creamy matte neutral beige with peach undertones 
Peach Smoothie: Matte light peach

These are my crease shades. They are perfect for adding depth to the eye and creating a shadow effect in the crease area. They are such beautiful brown shades that blend so well. I use all of these right in the crease and blend it into my transition shades. Also- there is a coffee theme here.... LOVE!!

Creme Brulee: Sandy tan matte
Frappe: Medium warm brown matte shade with reddish undertones
Latte: Medium matte brown 

The darkest shades in the bunch. These are usually reserved for adding a dramatic touch to any smokey eye. Cocoa bear is my favourite shade out of all 9 shadows, it is this gorgeous warm red brown (similar to MAC brown script but less red), I love it with my brown eyes. I use these shades below the crease in the outter V of the eye. Corrupt is just the blackest black you will ever find in an eyeshadow, I use it exclusively and refuse to use any other black shadow. I will use this right on the lash line and smoke it out, in the outter V, or simply as a liner. It has a very subtle sparkle which actually makes it easier to blend.

Cocoa Bear: Matte red brown
Mocha: Espresso brown
Corrupt: Matte black with a subtle sparkle

There you have it! My most used shadows of all time I should add. Other colours I keep in my everyday neutrals are MAC's texture, saddle, and Mylar, but if MUG came out with similar shades I would be all over it! If you are interested in checking it out the link is here. They also sell Z palettes on their site here. I am in no way affiliated with Makeup Geek, I have no personal connection to Marlena or any makeup geek representative. I am simply a lover of great affordable makeup products!

Let me know if you would like to see a collection on my brights!


  1. The Mocha eyeshadow swatches so well for you! Mine applies to patchily.

  2. This was really helpful. I'm looking to build my first MUG palette and this helps me figure out what to start with. I'm going to take a look at your blog. I hope you have more MUG posts like this! Cheers.


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