Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick and Buxom Full On Lip Cream

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

In general I try my best not to do "haul" posts as much as I do review posts, though I am always so excited when I make new purchases (like a child in a candy store really) and all I want to do is talk your ear off about them, I try to give them about a month or so of trial so that I can give my truly honest and experienced opinion. I have done just that with these two items: Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick and Buxom Full-On Lip Cream. I am finally ready to give you my thoughts on these two products. I had been eyeing this Bobbi Brown Foundation for a little while, but I am the kind of person that doesn't like to mess with a good thing so I kept on purchasing my MUFE Matte Velvet + because it is a tried and true formula for me. I don't often play with new foundation only because in general I don't have very good luck with new formulas and they all end up in a box full of old, sad and lonely half full foundation bottles. However, I decided to make an exception with this one and I am really trying to branch out and try some new things in order to keep my perspectives well rounded and open. As for the Buxom Lip Cream, I had heard endless rave reviews on this thing and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. So as I sit here bouncing around to Katy Perry's new single I will share my thoughts with you (don't you just love her?)

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in Beige
Sometimes you just get lucky with foundation shades, and that was the case with this foundation. A lot of times I will have trouble finding my undertone in a foundation, I am usually lucky with larger shade ranges (my undertone is neutral with slightly warm/olive but not much), and Beige worked for me perfectly! I could not be happier with that. They have 24 shades I believe which is fantastic if you ask me. So colour, check! Next was packaging, I cannot tell you how convenient this packaging is, seriously, it is sleek, slim, mess-free, fuss free perfection. I have never used a foundation stick before but it is probably the easiest thing to travel with, ever. You can throw it in your purse, bag, whatever and swipe it on your face whenever you feel the need. It acts as a foundation or concealer for me, it has quite good pigmentation. I apply this stuff straight from the tube to my face, make myself a few little whiskers, apply a "T" to my forehead, a swipe on my chin and blend it out with a kabuki brush (I find this works best for blending). I have tried it with a beauty blender and fingers and it does work both ways but I prefer the brush for its quick spreading and buffing. The formula gives a medium coverage that is buildable. The formula is quite creamy and I have no trouble blending it into my skin. I love that you can easily build coverage in trouble areas by adding a quick dot with the stick and pressing it in with a finger. The only issue I have with this foundation is the finish which I would imagine could be a deal breaker for many people, it does not set up to a matte finish. This stuff does stay a little tacky on the skin, or "dewy" if you prefer. It does give the look of healthy glowing skin, but at a price, it comes off on my fingers if I touch my face (and other people's clothes might I add if you are a hugger). I would seriously recommend setting with a powder, which is what I have been doing, to create a set makeup application. It does take away the glowy-ness of the foundation which is said to "mimic skin's texture". Overall I really liked this one, I have been getting many compliments on it!

Buxom Full-On Lip Cream
Well, if you haven't heard of White Russian Full-On Lip Cream you've clearly been living under a rock haven't you? Seriously this stuff could not have gotten more camera time in the YouTube world. I had to give it a go myself. The packaging is nice, nothing crazy, a frosted glass tube (it is a little bulky for me but still nice!). This shade is a milky peachy pink, perfect to top of any lipstick. On its own it is perfect for a no makeup day to plump those lips and give them a full effect. It smells like vanilla peppermint which is lovely. This gloss has no shimmer (which I do appreciate) and gives a nice slick shiny, glossy look which really gives the lips a plumping effect. It also has "plumping" ingredients in it which give that tingling sensation to the lips, I never find that these actually plump my lips, I think it is really the shiny look of the gloss that does that, honestly I would reach for it more if it didn't give me a tingly sensation (I don't prefer it). The taste is not great, it also gives the mouth a slight numbing sensation which I have to say I don't love... It has a bit of a tacky finish which allows it to last for quite some time, I think it is one of my longer wearing glosses. I really do like this gloss, I don't reach for it as much as a couple of my others because of the tingling and the taste but when I'm going out and I want something to top of a lipstick that looks great and lasts, this is what I reach for!