The best body wash

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Recently I have been so in love with this body wash that I could not help writing a rave review on it. Funny thing is, I didn't even buy this product on purpose! It was in one of those shower packs you can get at the grocery store that comes with a razor, shaving cream, a lotion and a body wash. Since I was out of some of my shower products I thought I would just grab it on my way out, especially since you can get all of the products on a great deal. I have never been a huge St. Ives fan, I think one experience as a young teen with a certain face wash of theirs that burned the hell out of my eyes just turned me off of their products. From what I have heard they use more natural ingredients than other drugstore brands but honestly I have never actually read anything confirming that.

So I put the Oatmeal and Shea Butter Wash in my shower and since it was such a huge bottle I had no reserves about slathering large amounts of this all over when I showered. I use a shower glove kind of thing for all of my gel body washes since they can be pretty hard to use with just your hands (they usually just end up on the shower floor before I can manage to lather them up). I was so pleasantly surprised at how incredible it smells, so summery, relaxing, it has just the right amount of warm scent without being musky or overwhelming. On top of that it is INCREDIBLY moisturizing. I don't even feel like I need lotion when I get out of the shower. It makes my skin baby soft and smooth. I went through the entire bottle in 3 weeks! Since it was only 4$ I didn't feel like I needed to be careful about the amount that I used so I just slather it on every time I shower. I am on my second bottle now, when the first one was empty and I went back to my old Victoria's Secret I was so disappointed I just knew I needed it back in my life.

I did also try the coconut milk body wash by this brand and I was not very impressed by it. It didn't lather the same or give me the same intense moisturizer. I really recommend this one! If you're looking for an incredible body wash that is easy on the wallet I seriously recommend picking this one up.