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Monday, 10 March 2014

I was so excited when I came home to my Sleek Makeup package sitting on my doorstep. I placed 2 orders on Sleek Makeup, the first which arrived today was for the Blush by 3 palette and a lipstick, and the second order which has not yet arrived contained 6 of their blushes. Today I am going to do a first impressions kind of post about the products that arrived today. When I get a chance to play with them I will do an updated post reviewing the wear time of the products.

The packaging of the products is, as is says, oh so sleek! I think this brand hit the nail on the head with their packaging. For such reasonably priced products the packaging looks high end. The black colour of their products reminds me a little of elf, but the quality of the plastic is much better. The sleek packaging is much more sturdy and I like the completely rectangular shape as opposed to the elf products. These are so easy to store and stack, they look beautiful and classic on any makeup organizer and the lipstick is short and stubby and adorable!

I chose the Blush by 3 Palette in the shade Lace. This was the absolute perfect spring palette for me, it has all of my favourite shades: a shimmery bright pink with peachy undertones, a peach and a bright coral. The middle pink shade is shimmery, and the two outside shades are both matte, what more could you ask for in a palette? They have 8 palettes, there is one for every skin tone, every style and any look you could ever want. And for only 15$ I could not turn this down. I just got this one in my hands and I am already thinking about which other ones I could purchase! The other thing I love about this palette is that they are designed to kind of colour coordinate so that you can mix and blend them. This will be a go-to travel palette for me, even more convenient than my z-palette or mac palette. 

The matte colours are extremely blendable, creamy and buttery as is the shimmery shade. You do get a little but of powder fallout when you use it with a brush, but that is typical of most matte blushes. The pigmentation of these blushes is beautiful, they are very comparable to a NARS or MAC blush.

The lipstick I chose was a nude in the shade bare all. There were an incredible amount of shades available, 20 I believe. Again, a very impressive shade selection, there is a colour for everyone. The shade I chose is a rose with a peach undertone making it look like a quite bright rose nude shade. This lipstick is unlike any other I have tried. It is not creamy really, not buttery or oily or moisturizing for that matter, yet it glides on well and has very intense pigmentation. I was so pleasantly surprised that it does not emphasize or sit into lines and dry patches which is always a huge problem for me. So far it has lasted a really long time and I think that is because the formula is not creamy which means it doesn't rub off easily. It is almost like a lipstick stain. I am really enjoying this as a matte lippy or simply glide a gloss over it for the perfect plumping effect. I even like to rub a little lip blam over for a really natural day look.

Overall I am extremely pleased with these products and I can't wait to do a post on the blushes!


  1. The blush colors in that palette are gorgeous, and the lipstick is a great color as well. I'm dying to order some Sleek products. I haven't tried anything from that brand. Hopefully soon though!

    1. This is also my first time trying Sleek products, I was so pleased. I had heard some good things floating around the web about them and I just had to try them for myself. I love your blog by the way, been reading it for quite some time now!

  2. lovely post hun :) I love Sleek, especially their lipsticks. Have been looking at getting the blush palette as I've just used the the face contour kit and loved it. I have about 6 or 7 of their lipsticks and use every single one! This one look a lovely shade though too so may have to make another sneaky purchase. Lovely blog... followed!!

    1. Aw that made my day thank you so much! I am excited to check out your blog, I am always on the hunt for a new great read!


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