NYX Butter Gloss

Thursday, 13 March 2014

NYX butter glosses may be one of the most popular glosses out there, every beauty guru I have ever watched has mentioned these at least once. Though, in Canada it can be harder to track them down, I had to buy mine online and so if you are contemplating the same thing I thought it would be helpful to give you a rundown of the glosses.

I purchased mine off of Cherry Culture which has frequenct 20 and 40% discounts, but I have found other sites that sell them as well such as FTB Beauty which got these glosses in recently and has much cheaper shipping to Canada. I think mostly in the US you can get them from local stores and the 5 or 6 $ you pay for the glosses isn't really a big deal and most people wouldn't give it a second thought. If you are purchasing online and you are like me, you like to do a bit of research to look at the product reviews and colour selection because shipping can be costly. 

I bought all 7 of my glosses at the same time from cherry culture because larger purchases tend to make shipping a little more reasonable especially on a flat rate. They were 5$ each which is a fantastic bargain for a good gloss. I went ahead and bought a bunch because I hadn't read a single bad thing about them online while I was doing my research and I have owned them for about 3 months now. 

The packaging on these is really great, I love that the tubes are the colour of the glosses, I also kind of like that since they are not clear like most glosses they don't start to look awful when you are scraping the sides of the tube near the end of the product. The shade range is more in the neutral territory from peaches to pinks to purples, there are no wild colours in this collection or for that matter very unique colours. But honestly they are perfect everyday colours to wear out the door or to top off a lipstick. I love packing them in my bag and using them to reapply during the day. 

The applicator is a pretty common doe foot applicator (a little spongy thing on the top), and the handle is pretty nice and short so that you can get good control with applying which helps me when I don't have a mirror on hand. The formula is extremely buttery, moisturizing, smooth, creamy and completely non-sticky (there isn't a tacky feeling in these at all). For this reason, the glosses do need to be reapplied often, the tackiness in lipglosses does help them to wear longer but honestly with these I do not mind reapplying. They will not last you longer than an hour and I think thats pushing it a bit too. The scent is straight vanilla which I love, it doesn't smell to sickly sweet either it just smells delicious. On the website they describe it as sugar cookies which is pretty accurate.

The formula is sheer to medium depending on how much you apply, these swatches are 2 coats so that you can really see the pigmentation. I love all of these colours for topping off lipsticks, especially Eclair and Creme Brulee which are the most neutral out of the bunch. Eclair is more of a pinky cooler toned colour and Creme brulee is more of a pinky peach with warm undertones. I also really like Vanilla Cream Pie to top off a pink lipstock, it is a straight midtoned pink which is also beautiful on its own. I am in love with Merengue, I think its my favourite out of the bunch, and the only truly cool toned shade. It is a gorgeous light to medium pinky purple and I love using it on top of cooler toned lipshades like MAC snob. The peachy shades are perfect for the summer. Peaches and Cream is the brighest peachy coral out of the bunch, Apple Strudel is the lightest, more of a milky orange and Maple Blondie is somewhere in between. I love these for the spring. A little tinted moisturizer, mascara and one of these peach shades is perfect for the beach or a hot day. 

I absolutely love these glosses and you can't beat the price, this whole collection was about 45$ and it is lasting me a really long time!