Smooth Lips

Friday, 28 February 2014

Living in an especially cold and dry climate (yes it was -30 degrees Celsius the other day), my lips always suffer from dry and uneven skin. It is really a bother when trying to apply lipstick. Not all formulas smooth out the look of lips, and some even sit in lines. It can be quite hard to tell what formulas will work and what ones won't until you try them out or of course look at reviews. My favourite lipstick line for making the lips look gorgeously smooth is the YSL Rouge Volupte line. However, if you simply want to put on a regular lipstick on an everyday basis here are my tips:

If you have time, use a lip scrub. You can buy one, Fresh makes a great Sugar Lip Polish. You can make your own using sugar and a little honey. Or you can use this really quick tip if you don't have the time or you just want to polish your lips off before you apply the lipstick.

You will need: any lip moisturizer/ balm. My favourite is the Dior Creme de Rose (however this one is a little pricey), Vaseline works, so do the EOS lip balms and you will need Q-tips.

Simply get a good amount of the product on the end of your Q-tip.

Now apply this all over the lips, and then start rubbing your lips with the end of the Q-tip in rolling motions. So roll and swipe at the same time, sloughing off any dead surface skin and moisturizing as you go. Use the other side of the Q-tip as well without adding anymore product, this will ensure that you don't have any excess balm on the lips when you add the lipstick but your lips will still be moisturized.

I also recommend that you protect your lips in the cold and wind by applying a wax based lipbalm before you head out the door, Vaseline works, Burts Bees, EOS, anything like that. It will protect your lips from wind abrasion.

Now your lips are all ready to go for lipstick! Enjoy!!