Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge

Monday, 3 February 2014

I have been in a very serious relationship with my beauty blender since it came out. I truly think it gives a really airbrushed finish and it is the closest thing to giving a natural foundation and concealer look that I have found. Not to mention that it blends everything out in no time at all! I just stipple my foundation on, swipe on my concealer under my eyes and on blemishes, go back in and stipple with the beauty blender and presto! Fool proof makeup!
The beauty blender does get expensive though, and for that reason (and just out of the curiosity of trying new techniques) I have switched between the beauty blender and my kabuki brushes every few months (or when I get bored). I have also tried many beauty blender "dupes" such as the forever 21 sponge, the sonia kashuk sponge, and some other ones that I can't remember the brand names of. These sponges were just nothing like the beauty blender at all! They did not get big and fluffy and porous, and so they did not give my the flawless finish I was so used to with my beauty blender.
In the last couple months I had seen rave reviews on YouTube about the Real Techniques sponge. I have always really trusted the Real Techniques products, the brushes are all fantastic quality (I own many of them), so I went ahead and ordered myself one and OH MY GOD I am SOLD!

This sponge is seriously a miracle! Dare I say... better than the beauty blender itself!? It puffs up to a very fluffy and soft sponge that is larger in size than the beauty blender. It feels so good on the skin, and even more so, I love the shape and the angles. It has a flat side that is perfect to blend under the eyes, a round side for all over the face, a pointed side for blemishes, all you really need!
For just 6-10$ depending on where it is sold it is just a great product for a great price. This is officially a rave review. I also find that it builds up even more coverage than the beauty blender. A little trick for those of you that want the flawless look with more coverage, squeeze all of the water out of your beauty blender with a towel to make sure all of the water is completely out, that way you won't be adding any moisture to your foundation. If you want a sheer look just do the opposite! Don't completely squeeze the water out.
Let me know if you have found any great beauty blender dupes or if you have tried this one!