NARS Chelsea Girls

Monday, 10 February 2014

Happy end of Monday everyone!

It is a pretty happy Monday for me because I picked up 3 packages from my mailbox that I had been waiting for that are all, you guessed it, MAKEUP! I get so excited when packages arrive, its like a little present to yourself! Anyway, what I wanted to review for you today was the NARS Chelsea Girls lip lacquer that has received a cult following. Many of my favourite YouTubers use this stuff and absolutely love it so I thought I would give it a try.
Alright so lets dive in, first off as always is packaging. The lacquer comes in a little glass pot that is oh-so-adorable. Though, I can see it being a problem when you get down to the bottom because it is so deep (might get a little messy). I think applying with a lip brush would be best for this product. If you own a Muji 5 drawer like me to store your makeup you will be sad to know that it does not fit, however, it does look pretty sitting on the top! The cap is twist off and I am hoping that is not prone to getting dirty like most of my other NARS products.

Now the product itself. I absolutely love the colour, and I think that's why this lacquer gets so much attention. It is the perfect nude. The colour is a light milky pink that has brown and peach undertone. I think this is a very universal shade. The texture is very thick and pretty sticky. But it doesn't make my lips feel uncomfortable when I talk which is the only thing that really ever bothers me. It glides on very smooth and creamy. I can definitely see why they call this a lip lacquer and not a gloss or a balm. It is far too thick to be a gloss and much more pigmented than a balm. It has no smell at all, and only a very light taste but nothing that I would ever notice unless I was looking for it. It looks beautiful by itself and on top of a lipstick. It is quite moisturizing, according to NARS it has vitamin E, A, avocado oil, Sesame seed oil and Jojoba seed oil. It adds a nice sheen to the lips, nothing that looks shimmery or shiny. I really like the effect on the lips, I would apply it over a nude lipstick to get a plumping effect. It also does a good job of hiding any imperfections on the lips if you are wearing a dry formula lipstick.

I am very happy and impressed with NARS Chelsea girls, I think this is going to be an everyday overlay for any nude or pink lipstick. Let me know what you think!