Maybelline Master HILIGHT Blush

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Recently Maybelline has been hitting the mark on all of their new products, giving high end brands a run for their money. The beauty community has really been changing over the past few years and I feel like drug store brands are really picking up their game and opening up their horizons to contain products that are usually only found in high end beauty stores. This is why I was so excited when I saw Maybelline's new highlighting powders. Actually, I was a little confused at first on what these were marketed for. They are called highlighting blushes.... does that mean they are for highlighting or they are just really glowy blushes? I had to look online to figure it out which honestly is a bit of a marketing fail on their part... What I found on their website is that they are meant to be swept over the high points of the face, so the cheekbones, browbones, you know the drill. So basically they are highlighters which is exactly what I wanted! I picked up the shade "nude". To me this looked the most like the colour of a highligher I would choose from Mac or Sephora. I usually do not go for peach, bronze or really pink highlighters because I don't think they are very flattering and they can mess with the blush colour I am already wearing. They have 6 shades ranging from pink to coral to bronze.

The one thing that concerned me about the packaging of these products is the patched design of the shades. First, you can't really tell what the colour will be by looking at it and second I have had experience with products like this breaking or getting powder all over the place. But you never really know until you try so I took this little baby home and took my time figuring out how I wanted to use it. I found that the colour was a little more pink that I would have liked for a highlight. In the swatch you can see that it has a dusty rose bronze colour with a peach undertone. I was hoping for a more pale light nude with a pinky bronze undertone... It just didn't really happen.

What I really like about this product is that it is not overly shimmery. It leaves a little bit of shimmer but more of an all-over glow. I don't usually like highlighters that have too much shimmer and glitter especially in the day. I just felt like the colour was a bit to deep for me to wear as a highlight, however, if you have a darker skintone than me it would be perfect. If you are lighter than me you might have more of an issue. But don't fret! You can still use this the way I use it- as a blush overlay. I found this was the most flattering way for me to wear it. If I am using a matte blush I simply sweep this over the apples and higher points of the cheek for more of a glowy finish and it does look very pretty. I tried using this alone as a blush and I just didn't feel like it gave enough pigment to my cheeks- too much glow and not enough life to the face is what I felt. I think if I try the darker shades they may work better as a blush, the darker shades tend to have more pigment. But honestly I was hoping for a highlight and not a blush!

This was quite a powdery product, when I swirl my brush in all of the colours I do get quite a bit of powdery dust in the pan, it can be a little messy...

Overall, I would say this is not in my top list of highlighters, but I am using it when I want a little more pop to my cheeks. If they came out with a lighter shade- not so much pink and a little more of that beige shimmer I think I would love it because the finish is beautiful.

Let me know what your thoughts are on these highlighters!