Maybelline Colour Sensational The Buffs

Friday, 7 February 2014

I was so excited today when I popped into my local drugstore and found the Maybelline Buffs collection sitting there in the display case! I had been waiting for this collection to come in for a few months now, I had heard many YouTubers talk about this line and I could not wait to try them. Its about time a drugstore company comes out with a nude lipstick line! I have found the odd nude (or close to nude) lipstick here and there in the drugstore, but mostly I rely on Mac lipsticks for my nudes. I had really high hopes for this line especially considering the Vivids line that they came out with last year. The formula, the pigmentation, the feel were all perfectly on point.

The packaging of these lipsticks is very cute. I wished that the pink caps were more representative of each colour so that when you're looking through your collection you don't have to read the bottoms, but honestly most lipsticks are that way (Mac is the worst for that). I bought 4 colours, I believe they were the 4 lightest shades actually (I like my nudes light!).

I swatched the shades for you as well so that you could see what the colours look like on the skin and the pigmentation.

Alright now on to the good stuff! First, the colour selection is amazing, ranging from a nude almost concealer-like colour to a very deep dark vampy red (which they call a nude but I'm kind of like umm what?). I think my comfort zone falls between the middle two shades in the swatches. The lightest shade just washed me out completely, and the Truffle Tease was a little more on the brown bude side which I don't prefer on myself. It is really great to find these colours in the drugstore now, and the pigmentation is great as you can see. The formula is also really creamy and feels great on the lips, they feel nice and moisturizing. The negatives- I did find that if you have any dry or chapped areas on your lips these lipsticks will emphasize it, especially the lighter shades. Though I find the same thing with Mac lipsticks in really light shades as well, so if you don't have a problem with those ones you probably won't with these! They also don't stay on for too long, I give it about an hour tops and then you have to reapply (in comparison to my Mac ones which last me a few hours). I did find that I could work with these if I scrub my lips before, or apply a nice gloss on top to sort of moisturize and camouflage the dry lines (NYX butter glosses in creme brulee and eclair work really well). It has a slight smell (not a bad one), but not one that I can describe, very light.

Here it is on my lips (I scrubbed my lips pretty well before applying). This is blushing beige.

Overall, I think I will enjoy using these for daily wear. When I really want my lipstick to wear for a while nothing is more dependable than my Macs... However, they are pretty good wallet- friendly alternatives to higher end nudes.

Let me know how you enjoyed these lipsticks!



  1. I wish I could find these around where I live! I absolutely love the colors you have, especially Blushing Beige. You can never have too many nude colors in your life! :)

    1. I completely agree! It took what seemed like forever to get them in my local drugstore, hope they get to you soon!


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