Maybelline Colour Elixir Gloss

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

After hearing rave reviews on the Colour Elixir glosses by Maybelline I went to the drugstore and picked up a couple shades. I really liked the packaging of these glosses, they are small, compact, easy to travel with and oh-so-cute! I really like the wand, it is kind of a hard, ribbed, sponge but the shape is what I really love. It is the perfect shape to get an even application on your lips and accurately line the lip boarder. It is also short which helps me control my stroke.

The colours I picked were nude illusion which looked like a peachy-pink, brown to me, and petal plush which is a very light milky pink. I really like the packaging and I had high hopes for this as my everyday gloss. Maybelline describes these glosses as having the pigmentation of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss and the feel of a balm. When I put this on my lips I was really surprised by the texture. It is really thick, not sticky at all, but really thick and heavy. I mean you can feel this stuff sitting on your lips. It almost started to feel kind of plastic to me after a while. It felt uncomfortable if i'm being honest. The formula looks amazing, it is shiny, glossy, blurs any imperfections on the lips, the colour saturation is nice (not a full opaque coverage but it provides a sheer wash of colour, enough that you could wear it on its own). Mind you, I didn't purchase any of the dark colours which tend to be more opaque and saturated in colour. The formula is very moisturizing and does not chap my lips at all, which has been a problem for me with drugstore glosses before.

Out of the two colours I picked my favourite was Petal Plush, the Nude Illusion shade was a little bit too brown for my liking. But what I mainly wanted these for was to put on top of my lipsticks. The petal plush was perfect, it is more of a shimmery gloss while the Nude ellusion has no shimmer in it at all. I really like using them on an everyday basis on top of my lipsticks and I carry them around with me to reapply during the day. In terms of Maybellines description I would not say these have the pigmentation of a lipstick or the feel of a balm (though they are quite moisturizing) but they do have a really beautiful glossy finish. If you can get over the feeling of these glosses they are truly really nice. For myself, I much prefer the NYX butter glosses, they are my all around favourite feeling, looking, smelling glosses at a drugstore price!