Elf Blush Bronzer Duo St. Lucia

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Hey guys! Saturday is always my organizing, cleaning, studying day (which I spend in my pajamas thank you very much), I just finished washing all of my brushes and so I thought I would just procrastinate my studying a little more and write a post about a product I was really excited to share my thoughts on.

I placed an order on one of my fave sites nailpolishcanada.ca, the reason it is my favourite is because they offer free shipping to Canada which is not often available. And they have a few makeup brands that I really like (the Balm, beauty blender, real techniques, red cherry lashes). They also have some ELF cosmetics products including some primers, a couple eyeshadow palettes, blushes, powders etc. I have never just placed an order on this site to buy ELF but this time when I was grabbing a new set of beauty blenders I thought I might give a couple products a try. I had heard great things about the blush bronzer duo compacts (many people said they were similar to the NARS ones) so at only 5$ a pop I thought hey why not.

What I loved right away was the packaging. It is really, really great for a "drugstore" type priced brand. I find that most drugstore brands make their packaging very colourful and cartooney which cheapens the look of the product. To my surprise this compact is super sleek, black (which I love), and the font of the brand is very sophisticated, I really love the way it looks. It is very similar to the NARS packaging except that since the material is a little more plastic it doesn't get dirty as easily, which I really like also!

The colour I picked was St. Lucia which is the original colour set that ELF came out with. They had another one but the pink was very bright and the bronzer looked really dark so I went with this one and I figured if I loved it I would get the other colour. I think there is a third one but it was not offered on the site I bought from. The pink is a very light, baby pink with shimmer which I think looks really pretty on lighter skin tones. The bronzer is very much like the NARS laguna in that it looks shimmery in the pan but it doesn't transfer a lot of shimmer on the skin (which is great, normally I don't like shimmer in my bronzer at all).

I thought a comparison of the two bronzers would be really helpful. The NARS one transfers with less pigment, which I tend to favour in a bronzer because then I can build up and make everything look more blended and natural. You have to be careful with the ELF because it is full of pigment, so use a light hand. Also, the undertone of the ELF is clearly much more orange, which would be much more noticeable on people with light skintones.

So right now I feel like the blush is better for those with light skintones and the bronzer is better for those with dark skin tones... So that worried me a little. Since I have a medium skintone, I am NC30 in MAC, I thought it would work alright for me.

The next thing that is very important to me is blending. So I went ahead and blended them in for you. What I noticed is that they do blend well, but they lose a lot of pigment which is good for the bronzer because it is so dark but not so good for the blush because it is hardly visible on my skin after I do a good bit of blending.

Honestly, for the price of 5$ this is a great buy. It won't be the longest lasting, or the most perfect colours for everyone but at the price I think its a steal. I have never even seen a blush at the drugstore in Canada that is priced less than this, except for wetnwild. I do think this is nice for everyday wear, if you use good tools you can get it to look pretty lovely on the skin. This may not be a rave review but this compact is pretty decent if you are on a budget, just starting with makeup, looking to build up some more colour options or simply want to try new makeup looks and play around!

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  1. I wrote a post about the Elf contour and blush kit too....I must say, in the summer I love using it. Your right, for the price...you can't beat it!!! Great post! :)


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