Ambient Lighting Powder

Saturday, 8 February 2014

When something in the beauty community gains so much attention, I always need to see it to believe it. These ambient lighting powders have been a hot commodity since they came out. Due to the fact that each one was 50$ and they seemed like glorified highlighters I refrained from buying any. When the holiday season approached they came out with the palette which contained 3 of the powders in one palette for a good value, so I decided to go and pick one up- but they were all sold out! They were clearly going like hotcakes so while I was at my local Sephora I decided to go ahead and splurge on one of the powders in full size. When I was looking at all of them and swatching them on my hand, I decided to go with mood light which is a pink shade. My reasoning for this is first no one had really talked about that one, and I didn't want something that was anything like what I already had (and I have a lot of highlighters). Also, when I had looked on Sephora's website I read a story about the creator of these powders, she said that her mom used pink lighting in her house because it was the most flattering, I thought- if she created these things over pink lighting then that's what I want to try!

This one is said to be the "most forgiving" and flattering on the complexion, it is also said to brighten (and who doesn't want that?). These powders are supposed to give a soft focus to the face, they are said to give a "lit from within" glow. So basically what you're telling me is this is the miracle powder that's supposed to make me look flawless? Gimmie!
Just kidding... but seriously, I was interested in how these would look to set makeup and under the eyes (hello brightening!).
So I tried it on in many ways, the first day I set my whole face with it- and let me tell you, I looked like I was glowing but in a really bad-my face looked really pink- kind of way. So I knew I had to be a little lighter with it, and use it only in specific areas I wanted to highlight. So instead the next day I used it with a lighter, fluffier brush (my Sigma F25) and only used it on my cheeks, center of my forehead, chin, nose and under the eyes- and let me tell you- it really does look stunning.

So basically what I do now is complete my makeup, set my face with a regular transluscent powder and then go in with this on the highlight areas of the face when I want to look soft and glowy. I do like this instead of a highlighter on an everyday basis. Highlighters (which I love don't get me wrong), can look a little harsh in the day time. This does look like your skin is naturally glowing, soft, and beautiful. I hate when expensive products impress me! This little devil was 52 bucks! *sigh* oh well... I have to say it is a go-to powder for me when I am looking for a soft, subtle glow, it does brighten my face up and smooth the look of lines and bumps. I switch between this and highlighters a lot, so I don't use it everyday, and it has lasted me a long time!

As you can see there is no shimmer in this little guy- he is simply glowing. I am loving this stuff and I might splurge on another sometime in the future just to see if they are all equally amazing!

Let me know what shades you like best in the comments so that I can pick a good one.