My Favourite YouTubers

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I would consider myself completely addicted to beauty vlogs, I basically stop whatever I'm doing when one of my favourite beauty ladies comes up with a new video. I have learned so much from these ladies, and they are always really fun to watch, each with unique personalities.

My favourite of all time has to be Jaclyn Hill, I mean, who doesn't fall completely in love with her personality? Um... lady crush right here! She is full of sass, creativity, personality, and not to mention she is super sweet and kind. In addition to that, I think out of all of the beauty vloggers she has the most technical expertise, I mean, her colour choices and the looks she creates are spot on, every time. She is a professional in the makeup industry and it shows. You should check her out- you will be addicted too! I really can't believe she's not at a million subs yet...
Jaclyn Hill's YouTube Channel

I have been following TiffanyD for a long time now, she is super sweet and has great style. She is one of those girls that just always looks really put together. Her honesty and great reviews on products are always really refreshing.

Kandee is just full of spunk and fun and so cute! She's one of those woman you look at and go urg if i just had style like that! She is also a professional makeup artist, always had great techniques and tips. She really brightens my day! She is pretty darn famous so I would be surprised if you didn't know her already.

Casey Holmes has just got that sweet southern charm that is so lovable mixed with a city girl's attitude. My favourite videos from her are the First Impression Fridays where she tries products out for the first time on her channel. It is always so genuine and fun.
Casey Holmes

Nicole is just full of personality and attitude (which I love). She makes everything really fun and sassy while still being really modest and grateful about her channel and subscribers. I love watching all of her videos- get ready with me, reviews, favourites, hauls- you name it!
Nicole Guerriero

Tanya Burr is just the cutest thing ever, with her British accent and her sweet and kind personality it is just too much! She is just so sweet that you can't stop watching. Her tutorials are really fun and I can see how she would get subscribers from every age group- she is really versatile and kind!
Tanya Burr

Alli is such a real, genuine girl. When you watch her videos you feel like you are chatting with a girlfriend. She is so down to earth, and not to mention, absolutely beautiful!

I also love to watch itsJudytime for her first impressions on products. She gives a truly honest opinion and shows you how the makeup looks during the day. I love watching Elle for her organizational videos- it makes me want to redo everything! I also love her book reviews and vlogs.

Hope you all enjoy these beautiful, wonderful, entertaining ladies (if you don't already!).
Let me know if you love any YouTubers that you think I should check out!