My Favourite Facial Cleanser

Friday, 31 January 2014

For a really long time I felt like there was no controlling my skin. I would get breakouts on my cheeks and chin ALL of the time. I tried every cleanser in the drugstore, from every brand, and none of them ever did anything for my skin. I tried all of the spot treatments, scrubs, face masks, you name it- I tried it. After visiting a dermatologist she convinced me that I needed to start investing more in my skincare products. She said that although drugstore cleansers can work for some people's skin, it doesn't work for everyone and usually if you pay a little more you can get better quality ingredients. I walked into my local Sephora and stared at the skincare isle for like 15 minutes when finally one of the skincare ladies came up and asked if I needed any help. I told her that I was trying to find a good cleanser for my combination skin and she immediately pointed to the Boscia skincare line. She told me that the ingredients were very natural and she has never loved a line more than this one. I decided there wasn't really any harm in trying it so I picked up the gel cleanser which was 31$, I mean, I have to admit that I've bought foundations that were more expensive than that so it didn't feel like a huge risk.

When I got home I tried the face wash, the first thing I noticed it that I loved the smell, it is very light and almost herbal. I also loved that it didn't make my skin feel tight and dehydrated after, actually, my skin felt really soft and moisturized. It also took most of my makeup off (minus waterproof mascara and eyeliner). I was pretty pleased with my purchase!
It wasn't until about a month later that I realized my skin was transforming. I had only had one breakout since I started using it (during that time of the month... which you can't really stop from happening..) But other than that, my skin was pretty clear! I was so amazed. It really isnt one of those face washes that promises anything amazing or life changing, and you don't notice anything- until you do! It is just really gentle, cleans my skin from dirt and makeup, keeps me moisturized. All of these little things make up one really amazing product! I am sold. I have gone through another bottle of this since and I still love it. I feel like it just balances my skin out so well.
After that I went out and bought the facial polish which is just a scrub you can use to exfoliate and I use it twice to three times a week. It is also great, it does the job. It is not too gentle and not too harsh for my skin. All that I could ask from a scrub!
I love these products, and I will be repurchasing them for a long time to come!